Vudu Movies and TV app wants to give all its users the best and most convenient viewing experience. To make this possible, the app introduced a way of watching movies without having to connect to the internet. The Vudu Movies and TV app is primarily accessible only when you have an internet connection. As a result, movies can be viewed offline only if they have been downloaded to the hard disk built-in the Vudu device. Without an internet connection, you would not be able to use the application to watch anything that was not previously downloaded even if it is an ad-supported movie. You also can not download anything to watch offline if you do not have an internet connection.

How To Play Vudu Movies Offline
How does this work?
After successfully downloading the movie, it is automatically saved to an alternative storage space, the hard disk. This makes it possible to watch the movie without any internet connection. This then means that after downloading the movie you can disconnect your device from whatever form of internet you are using. The feature allows you to go back to the Vudu app and watch the downloaded video. You get full access to all the downloaded material offline. Moreover, this feature is not available to ad-supported movies as they are for free and cannot be purchased.
How is this practical?
The download feature is accessible specifically to users who buy the movies. Upon purchase of the movies, the user relatively gains ownership of that particular movie for as long as it remains in the downloads. This means that for the movies owned, the user has the option to watch later and as many times as they may want without having to bear the double cost of data consumption. These are some of the merits of purchasing movies instead of renting or streaming them.
How good is the experience?
Most users would assume that downloading the movie for offline viewing would compromise the video quality or resolution. That is not at all the case, users still have the option to choose the movie video quality they download based on their storage level, preference, and type of device they are using. This means they have control over the outcome and are still in a position to determine the quality of the movie. The experience is still just as great!
It is possibly even better considering the user can watch the movie without any interruptions from notifications or consistent network problems.
Things to take note of
Although the movie is available to view offline if you did not save it on an external drive or device, it is still on the Vudu Movies and TV site or app. This means that if you delete the movie from your downloads you lose offline viewing or watch later privileges as you would have given up ownership of the movie. The movie is not saved to your device, so you would not be able to access the downloaded material without using the Vudu Movies and TV app. Therefore do not make the mistake of deleting the movie from your downloads in the belief that the movie is saved to your device outside the app.
Am I charged extra?
According to the Terms of use of the Vudu Movies and TV app, users will be charged any applicable rental, subscription, or purchase fees and any other charges you incur in connection with your use of the Vudu Service, plus any applicable tax fees. This means upon purchasing the movie, viewing the movie offline does not and will not result in any extra charges as the purchase fee is settlement. Furthermore, the user does not incur any connection costs from viewing movies offline.
Problems I may encounter while watching offline
Most Android users may receive the error message "Encountered Network Error During Playback" while trying to play downloaded material. A possible solution to this problem would be to restart the Vudu app. However, this does not always work because, In a lot of instances, this problem arises when ten or more movies have been downloaded. It may indicate that disk space is running low and hence, will require the user to delete some of the material for optimum function. If the problem persists after clearing disk space the user may have to contact Vudu Customer Service.
5 Tips to get the best offline viewing experience.
  1. Make sure the movie you wish to watch offline has been fully purchased.
  2. Make sure the download of the movie you wish to watch offline was secure and complete
  3. Make sure that your device has sufficient disk space to avoid errors when playing the movie.
  4. It is always best to switch off all internet connections before playing the movie
  5. Do not delete the movie if you wish to watch it again.
Most people do not have the time to keep up with the activity that goes on the Vudu Movie and TV app. The offline viewing option gives users a chance to catch up on their favorite movies and with the latest trends. It allows its users to keep entertained even when they do not have access to the internet or when they just want to watch and enjoy their movie peacefully. This feature can work even when the device is on flight mode. In conclusion, users can make use of the Vudu app offline as conveniently as they can use it offline.