I love music very much. When I get up in the morning, I start my desktop and play songs from YouTube or JioSaavn. I have subscribed to JioSaavn for one year. Previously I used Spotify for one year. But JioSaavn has a better collection of Bengali songs (I'm from India, and Bengali is my first language. You probably heard these names- Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray. They also belong from Bengal). JioSaavn has a vast collection of Rabindra sangeet. Whenever I check my blog statistics, JioSaavn, or YouTube play in the background. And the music stops when I go to bed at night. Sometimes my mom said- you made this house as a tea-stall. I don't know if I should laugh or become angry. 

From the passion of music, I always want to hear clear sound. I have changed my speaker 5-6 times. At first, I purchased Frontech speakers—duel speakers with a little sub-woofer. I have also used F8D speakers. It was 4.1 setup, that means four speakers and one sub-woofer. It sounds great also. The only negative side is- those wires will be shown on the wall, looks odd. A remarkable One of those speakers was- Bose Companion 5. It costs around 32k rupees. I purchased it from a Bose Showroom at Park Street, Kolkata. Bose is a very familiar name to those who love music and think Bose is the best speaker in the world. Companion 5 was the most expensive among desktop speakers. I have used it almost 3-4 years until I sold it to a customer from OLX. It sounds really good. Now you can ask- Bose is a reputed company for music enthusiasts. You are saying Bose was a very good speaker. Then why did you sell it? Well, to be honest, I was looking for the best one on the market. After searching a lot, I found a good one named Audio Engine A5+ with an S8 subwoofer. Many people praised it. Even they said it is far better than Bose. Bose can advertise well. So they can sell well. The interesting thing is- audio engine A5+ is a set of two speaker boxes. It can run without any sub-woofer. But if you use Audio Engine S8, the bass will be fantastic. 
Now it was the time to purchase. I searched Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal for audio engine A5+, but it is only available at amazon.com, which means in the USA. Now I searched for S8 sub-woofer. It was available only one piece on eBay. The audio engine A5+ was priced around 35k rupees for two boxes. And if I want to purchase from the USA, I had to pay 70k rupees for custom charge, delivery charge—double price. But I was so desperate at that time. I purchased audio engine A5+ from amazon dot com, USA version.
And I ordered the sub-woofer S8 from eBay. The owner is from Mumbai. They sold audio engine products before. But at that time, for some reason, they stopped selling audio engine products. Few products were left in the showroom. The S8 sub-woofer was one of them. It was used for a sample product, so they took care well. Even the owner is also Bengali. I talked to a woman about the details of the product. Then I agreed to purchase that one. So the speakers cost 70k rupees, and the sub-woofer costs 30k rupees. Total one lakh rupees. Yes, I spent one lakh rupees to purchase super awesome speakers. 

Being a gadget lover, it's not the first expensive product. I purchased before Samsung galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note8, Samsung Galaxy S10e. Even now, I'm writing this on my iPhone 11 Pro, which also costs one lakh. The speaker is great; the sound is awesome, looks old fashioned. And the sub-woofer bass, oh god, if you are an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) lover, you will enjoy it like never before. I play music of Alan Walker, DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, KSHMR, Armin Van Buuren, etc. I really enjoy the music. Once I played Rupam Islam's song while my two friends were present there in my room, and they said- "It seems like Rupam is singing here in this room." This kind of compliments makes me happy. At least the spent money is significant. If you have the budget, go for it. Before ordering, check CNET. Those reviews are not paid reviews. Truly genuine review. If you are not an EDM fan or if you don't like huge bass, then no need to purchase the sub-woofer. You can buy the speakers only. Anyway, no more now. If you have any questions related to the post, feel free to ask me. Just drop a comment below. If you have any audiophile friends, you can share it with him/her via Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. Bye for now. Check my other posts from here. :)