I wrote many times about my idols. I have a few idols, and I'm greatly inspired by them. I think there is at least something that reflects by their work. Some of them are philanthropists; they spend a lot of money on the development of humankind that they have achieved through their hard work. Bill Gates is definitely one of them. He has a charitable organization named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Melinda is Bill's wife. Their foundation donates the highest amount of money for empowering women, education, building toilets at remote places, and many others. Even they donate more than the WHO (World Health Organisation). I was talking about the couple, now come to the single person bill gates. My first concept about Bill Gates was the richest man in the world (currently Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is the richest man in the world while Bill takes the second position). He was the richest man in the world 18 times, according to Forbes magazine. 
One Of My Idols: Bill Gates
When Microsoft or Bill Gates was on their pick period, I was a newborn baby only. Later in class three, I saw a computer for the first time, and I felt- I couldn't handle this. The operating system was Windows 98. That was made by Microsoft. The graphics appeared dull. But at the time, when we were playing 4 bits video game, windows 98's graphics was probably 32 bits. I'm not sure if it was 32 or 16 bits (currently, I'm using Windows 10, 64 bits). 

I completely forget when I heard about the first time. I had probably seen his photo first at a cyber cafe. Bill Gates was far ahead comparing to the time. He wanted to be a millionaire by 30. And he became a billionaire at the age of 31. At that time, he was the youngest billionaire, according to Forbes magazine. He saw the computer first when he was a school student. He coded a tic-tac-toe game, where you could play against the machine. He also changed his sitting position in his class- he placed himself where there were maximum girls. Even he had an attraction to girls. Hahahaa. 

Once in a TED Talks speaking about malaria, he took a jar full of mosquitoes and set them free. He stated that why only poor people experienced the situation, rich people should also experience the same. 

It was a little bit strange and uncommon idea to make people realize about Malaria. He loves to drive fast. Once, he caught by the police for not having a driving license and crossing the red light. He also has a picture like a prisoner. He was young then. Big eyeglasses, looked like a hippie boy.
Bill Gates At Jail
I have a book on Bill Gates. The quotes said by Bill Gates in any magazine or any speech. The editor has been collected most of them so nicely. The book's name was- "An Impatient Optimist- Bill Gates by his own words." Most of the quotes seem interesting to me. One of them is- your most unhappy customers are the best source of learning. What a quote. It's absolutely true. Another quote was between 20-29; he never took a break, not even for a single day. It seems very charming and motivating to me. Even I want to work harder, but my article writer gives me articles at a time gap of 30 days. So what should I do?

Another interesting fact about Bill Gates, I came to know recently that his wife Melinda Gates, was his company's employee. I found good chemistry inside a physics lab. Lol. They are perfect for each other. Both of them have a keen interest in philanthropy. They have two daughters and one son. Bill announced that each of them would get $10 million because he doesn't want to spoil their career buy giving billion of dollars. Instead of that, he stated that 95% of his income would be invested in their charity foundation. It's a great decision, salute.

I love Bill Gates' house named Xanadu 2.0; the gorgeous house has been made on 66000 ft area. There is a swimming pool. A lot of trees. The trees are placed to reduce the temperature. He has a favorite maple tree. And there is a sensor that works 24*7 hours for that maple tree. If the surface gets dry, it will be watered automatically. 
Bill Gates' house- Xanadu 2.0
His house is full of technology and a great library full of books. If someone wants to visit Bill's house, he has to pay 35000 USD. Yes, really a big amount. But bill gates will not spare it for entertainment purposes rather than send it to bill and Melinda Gates foundation fund. 

At his earlier age, he worked hard for his company- Microsoft. And now he has been deeply involved with his charity foundation. If you check the blog of bill gates, you will find a lot of posts related to vaccines, helping poor people, creating toilets at remote places, mainly in Africa. Even there was a machine that can convert poop into drinkable water. And bill gates drank that water too. Bill gates follows Malala; check the link for details about Malala. Bill reads a lot of books every year, and he writes his thoughts about those books at Gatesnotes.

I have seen a lot of posts related to books on his blog. Definitely, they are not paid reviews. They are genuine reviews by a super talented person. You can purchase them from Amazon also (if you are a book lover). I don't purchase it because I don't like to read English books though I read and write in English every single day. 

Once I got a special site links from Google and posted it on a popular blogging group. I asked them why google gave me such kind of site links? Is google love my blog, really? Why didn't I find the same on bill gates' blog? I got the first comment- google hates bill gates. It was a pure sarcastic comment. And some members thought that I'm comparing my blog with Gatesnotes. Are you mad? Why will I compare my blog with his blog? I was just asking the reason behind it. 

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