I think all of you know about the expired domain. According to ionos.com- Expired domains are domains that have been registered by individuals, businesses, or organizations, but aren't renewed after the contract ends, or are deliberately terminated. That means that they are available for re-registration. There are many reasons why someone would choose to abandon a domain; one reason could be that the web project failed, or that a domain portfolio went into liquidation. Domains can also end up becoming free due to the owner receiving warnings for possible trademark infringement. Re-registering can also result in legal consequences.
 My Worst Experience Of Expired Domain

I have also deleted some domains as those web projects failed to generate revenue. While the deleting process happens, customer care representatives ask if there is any illegal issue or not. To be honest, I don't have to face this kind of issue. Sorry, it happened once. I registered a domain named instagramappforpc dot com. As the domain consists of a brand name- Instagram, Namecheap and Facebook sent me an email to be safe from legal issue. Though I deleted that domain after few months, it got a low number of traffic, but CPC was high. Even I got a click worth more than 20 USD. It had only 5-6 articles, and I didn't update the blog, never. Here is the email below, so that you can get a idea about using Brand name in your domain name.
Unauthorized use of the Instagram mark, such as instagramappforpc.com, will inevitably cause confusion as to whether the domain and underlying use are authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Instagram when, in fact, they are not. Instagram has an obligation to its users and the public to police against the registration and use of domain names that may cause such consumer confusion.

I have a good faith belief that use of the trademarks in the domain as described above are not authorized by the trademark owner or its
agent, nor is such use otherwise permissible under law. We have reached out to the registrant with no response or compliance. We request that you review any use of the domain name to insure that it complies with your terms of service. If it violates your policies, Instagram asks that you immediately suspend hosting of the domain name.

I represent, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notification is true and correct, and that I am authorized to act on behalf of the trademark owner, Instagram, Inc. Please let us know if you need any additional information.

Susan Kawaguchi
Domain Name Manager, Facebook, Inc.
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
United States of America

Anyway, expired domain has some good benefits. Apart from registering a new domain, where you have to work from scratch, you can get a suitable expired domain with some backlinks pointed at the domain. According to the digital agency network- With a new domain, you'll have to work harder to build up its authority. You'll have to build new content and backlinks, and domain age authority will only come with time. With an expired domain, you can leverage its existing SEO value to start ranking quicker right away.

I have tried so much to get a suitable expired domain under my niche. But I failed, and I'm now hopeless. It started with Mathew Woodwork's blogpost related to expired domain. There is a tool named domain hunter. I registered on that site, but I failed to find a good one. 
6 Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains
6 Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains, courtesy of MyQuickIdea.

Next, I came across an article written on gotchseo, it's about marger technique. According to gotchseo- The Merger Technique is the process of taking a relevant dead business (expired domain) and merging it (301 redirecting it) with your business. If done correctly, The Merger Technique will skyrocket your site's authority and trust, which makes ranking for important keywords easier.

So friends, hopefully, you have got a brief idea about expired domain. Now the question is that where can I get expired domain? If you search on Google, the first site will be expired domains dot net. Every day thousands of expired domains add here. You have to pick wisely. 
Expired Domains 1

Expired Domains 2

Expired Domains 3

Expired Domains 4
If you only check the number of backlinks, then it's not the right way. You have to check a few things. If the domain penalised by google Adsense or not. If the domain penalised by google or not. Wayback machine history clear or not. You have to check the spam score. Don't go for a domain with more than 5% spam score. 

Another website is domcop dot com. The most interesting thing about domcop to me is the topical trust flow. It shows the details about topical trust flow. It's a good feature. But you can't access their expired domain list until you subscribe/purchase their plan. 
Topical Trust Flow- DOMCOP.COM
According to the majestic- Topical Trust Flow (not tropical) is how authoritative and trustworthy a domain or URL is within its niche and what the topic of the content is about. The content that links to a page helps determine its Topical Trust Flow, so the more referring domains, the more accurate Topical Trust Flow is. Though I didn't register at domcop, still I checked the site as far as it free.

Domain coaster is another site to purchase a domain from them directly. I have found some domain with good backlink profile. There are backlinks from Wikipedia, Techcrunch, Zigmodo, Huffpost, etc. It is an jaw-dropping experience with a little fee. Here is a screenshot of domain coaster. I have also provided a backlink profile of a perticular domain from the list below. 
Domain Coaster

Domain Coaster 2
Now come to the Fiverr. I have ordered one seller to find good domain. He provided me a domain with only four root domains. The trust flow was near 30. I registered the domain, and later I deleted that from my Namecheap account. 
trust flow
I ordered another seller to find a good domain under my niche, tech niche. He failed to deliver a good one. I asked him to provide domain 40 plus domain authority with 150+ referring domains. I have wasted many dollars to chase a perfect expired domain name. 

Now I have stopped this game. Now I believe in natural backlink building and quality articles. Post them on a regular basis. That's all the experience I have got related to this issue. Okay, no more now. If you have any doubt or question, don't hesitate to ask me. Just do drop a comment below the box. If you like this article, please share it with your friends via WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook. Keep reading other posts. :)