I'm a shameless blogger. My blog feeds me, so I don't have any shame. Sounds good or not? I got it from Kulwant's profile on Facebook. In the last post, I wrote about two books of my favorite. "Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde" and another is "Crime And Punishment". Both are based on psychology. Both are very close to my heart, though I read them in the translated version (Bengali).
Writer By Passion
Yesterday one of my school friends tagged me in a Facebook video- an example of how notorious we were. It reminds me of my school days. I was crazy about football. Most of the Time, I have spent my time in the gigantic playground of our school. Most of my friends have many great memories related to our school, But I don't have much. I don't like to go. In class 12, when I went to my school, my classmates were asked- "When will you come to school next?As time passed by, we were passed out of our school. Then we all admitted to different colleges. And you all know the next episode of my life- dropout from my college. My blog readers and my friends know this well. In case if you are eager to know the fact, check mine about me page. 
I Don't Wanna Go To School
I made a blog; the niche was suggested by my friend Imran Uddin. It was named- Indian Celeb Info. Later that blog turned into a money-making machine. At the same time, I have spent/wasted too many rupees by purchasing branded clothes from Myntra. Smartphones from amazon. Computer parts like motherboard, graphics card from Flipkart. Yes, I had distributed my money to all sites equally and not a specific e-commerce site. 😄
Invest In Cryptocurrency
A few days ago, I installed and checked Zebpay; the Bitcoin price is nearly 7,38000 rupees. I searched google also about the price prediction at the end of 2020, though I wrote an article about Bitcoin price prediction in 2020Anyway, the predicted price was shown- 20000 USD; whenever you will see this kind of super rising price, the inner greedy side of yours will come out. I asked my dad to make just fun- "Can we invest again in Bitcoin?" Father took it seriously. He said, noooo, it is a lockdown time, and we should not spend vast amounts of money anywhere anymore. Once I saw (4-5 years ago may be, I can't recall now) bitcoin price, it seemed huge to me; 25000 rupees per Bitcoin. And now it is 738000 rupees. If I would purchase at that time, I could make so much money. Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency. Then come to Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and many other cryptos. Yet I'm still grateful to Bitcoin for make me rich. It was a wonderful investment, though my parents didn't support me. Anyway, you can check Bloomberg's Bitcoin price prediction by 2020.

Apart from Bitcoin, Adsense helps me to bank a lot of dollars, though once I wrote about Google AdSense- why I hate to Google Adsense. It's true that you can even earn a 10x amount from Affiliate Marketing, but when it comes to advertising; Google Adsense is just outstanding. Even later I wrote an article that I'm grateful to Adsense. I have tried media dot net Infolinks, Chitika, Bidviser, Adversal, but Google AdSense is far above the race. One more thing, you must keep it into your mind that traffic is very crucial. If you use an affiliate program, or AdSense or media.net; you just need a decent traffic flow on a regular basis. It is called blog audience. As the audience grows, your earning will grows at the same time. Still, I will advise you (newbie blogger) not to start with CPA Marketing. Start with some affiliate program like Grammarly (I have lifetime premium account of Grammarly) or Blue Host. Or you can start with Google Adsense.

In this era, I have seen so many threads on thebot.net, and they were seeking for 50 cents to 2 dollars per day using automation. Let me tell you again that those kinds of old tricks don't work anymore. Whatever the traffic source is, Hitleap or Jingling. They generate fake traffic that fails to convert. They will not click your ads, will not purchase your products. Then what the hell are you using? Just to show that you have enough traffic? Nobody is interested in traffic first. They will see the income amount and income source first, then dive into the process of generating traffic. Just keep updating your blog and generate organic traffic. 

As I have ten years of experience blogging, you may come to me to learn something new to you. I don't charge for that. But be a good listener rather than show off your tiny achievements. I'm talking about new bloggers. Even you can join the blogging community or forum. You can learn a lot from threads. I have a friend who is verified by Facebook itself. He has almost 12-15 years of experience. You can ask him for help. He is really helpful. 
I Can Show You The Money
Once I wrote about famous SEO experts without a verified badge. Brian Dean was one of them. A few days ago, I saw that Brian is now a verified member of Twitter. I feel so glad. He is one of my favorite bloggers and SEO specialists. A verified badge is something that everyone wants to get. Not only film artists and sports persons get the verified badge. Even eminent bloggers also get that. For example- Neil Patel and Brian Dean. You have to work hard AF to achieve the badge. It would help if you had a crystal clear idea about SEO. In case if you want to learn SEO, check this. It might help you. Anyway, no more now. If you have any questions related to the blog, feel free to ask me. Just drop a comment below the box. If you find this article share-worthy, you may share it with your social media friends on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. Bye for now. Keep reading my other posts from archives. :)