Instagram TV, commonly known as IGTV, is an independent video app for iPhones and Android users. It is majorly used in hosting and streaming videos on Instagram. This stand-alone app was first released on June 20 by Instagram’s former CEO, Kevin Systrom. 

Why was Instagram TV initiated when videos could be hosted and streamed in the feed of the main Instagram app? The reason Instagram TV came to be is because the main Instagram app allows videos that last for just 3 – 60 seconds to be uploaded. Although this policy would not bother Instagram users that prefer photos to videos but it will also not benefit users who love uploading video contents. 
Why Are My IGTV Videos Blocked
Not to mention businesses that offer video services, whose contents are full of videos because that is the only way they can convince their customers that they are pros at what they do. This is where Instagram TV comes in. 

Moreover, a single and major difference between uploading videos on Instagram TV versus uploading videos through Instagram’s main app is that IGTV allows videos with a length from 15 seconds to 30 minutes to be uploaded. 

An Instagram user couldconnect to IGTV through a feature in the main Instagram app, but this feature was removed earlier for reasons best known to Instagram. Now, to access IGTV you would have to search for it on the main Instagram app or go through the IGTV app.

Why your Instagram videos could be blocked

It is more common to encounter a “preparing error” while uploading videos to your Instagram feed than to find such an error while using Instagram TV. However, having problems uploading a video on Instagram TV is not unheard of. 

The different reasons why such problems can arise will be treated in this article, and some strategies to follow to remedy or avoid such problems will be discussed. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you want to upload a video, and after it reaches 100% uploaded a message that reads “error try again later” appears. 

This error message is usually experienced by people who try to upload to Instagram TV through their desktops. If you didn’t use your desktop, yet you are facing this problem then this article is for you.

Reasons why Instagram TV can block your videos.

  • If the video is from YT audio library: YouTube audio library, commonly called YT audio library, is an official YouTube channel where video content creators get free and new music for their contents. This channel was created in an attempt to give low profile creators a chance to use new, authentic and interesting music for their video uploads. Unfortunately, this audio library was created specifically for YouTube. Although some other social media platforms and apps allow videos from it to be posted in their platform, Instagram is not one of them.
  • If the video is from most Instagram users whose videos have been blocked by IGTV have hinted that their videos are from artlist. Artlist is one of the best online platforms where artists and content creators can get licensed music at an affordable rate. Its music and videos have been checked and approved by a lot of video streaming apps including YouTube. However, Instagram seems to always reject videos and music that comes from them. Don’t ask me why.
  • If the video matches a video uploaded by another Instagram user: an Instagramuser once complained on Reddit that when his videowas blocked on Instagram TV, he appealed to IGTV and they replied by telling him that 31 seconds of his video has already been used by another Instagram user. And to make matters worse, the user in question did not know which part of the video contained the pirated copy. This is to say that every part of a video you want to upload on Instagram TV must be new and authentic, to avoid a repeat of that user’s situation.
  • If you re-posted a video without the consent of the owner or without giving full credits to the owner: before Instagram passed a strict rule on using someone else’s content without his or her permission in 2017, users post and repost contents without even giving credit to the original owner. This has not only breached the copyrightrules of Instagram but has also made quality and original content producers skeptical about uploading contents on Instagram. Therefore, if your Instagram video was blocked by IGTV, you are advised to ask the original owner of the content for permission and give full credits to him/her while posting.
  • If the music is not original: it might interest you to know that sometimes, it’s not the blocked video that has problems but the music of the video. Yes, Instagram added a music copyright rule in 2017 to prevent re-posters from posting another user’s music. Therefore, if your video is purely yours, but the music isn’t, ask the original owner for permission and give full credits while posting.

Solutions to blocked IGTV videos

  • Use less hashtags: although hashtags are the best tool to reach a wide range of Instagram users, using a lot of them could make your Instagram video to be blocked. It is recommended that an Instagram user should use at least 8 unique hashtags while uploading on IGTV.
  • Ask for permission and give full credits to original content owners: nobody likes learning that his content was used without his/her express permission and without credits. Therefore, ask for permission from the content's original owner, only then should you post their video. Meanwhile, don’t forget to give full credits to them.
Finally, Instagram has always been the best and most entertaining video and photo sharing social media platform. But every business has its problems, and blocked IGTV is one of Instagram’s. However, any user that understands the above-mentioned reasons for such trouble and avoids them, will have absolutely no problems related to IGTV blocked videos.