We could argue long before now that the only place we could watch videos was on our televisions. How amazing that, centuries ago, videos were not even in existence. Those blank moments of no videos evolved to the moments when most people could only watch videos at the cinemas. Things changed from those ‘Cinema moments’ to when a few people could afford a colourless television. 

Many more could afford the colourless, then the coloured TV came, and the sights on those televisions became more beautiful. Cell phones came, we got the opportunity to watch videos from those small phones; I guess they looked so good until we started making use of android phones, computers, tablets, and other amazing devices.
How Long Can IGTV Videos Be?
Social media is something we’ll ever be thankful for’ even though some people have argued that it has done more harm than good, we can’t deny that those goods have been super awesome. Communication between colleagues and friends has been made easier through these; you don’t have to be away from each other and one another before you communicate easily. In another way, it has helped a lot of people deal with boredom. 

There are times you think you’ve done everything you should, but you are still bored, social media comes to the rescue. There are a number of these social media, and Instagram is an amazing one. If you’ve been privileged to use Instagram, I’m sure you can testify to how amazing it is, and how great it works.

Instagram started as a picture sharing platform, where a user is allowed to follow as many people as he wants to, and whoever desires, can also follow him in return. An Instagram user can share pictures with all of his followers; they will get to see those pictures, as long as they get logged into the platform. It evolved from sharing only photographs to also sharing videos. So Instagram users didn’t only see some pictures; they got to start watching short clip videos. Although it didn’t stop at the short video clips, this was the most common until people got the opportunity of posting on their Instagram stories. 

It allows pictures and videos to be uploaded. The videos can be uploaded in bits until the user has finished uploading. It didn’t end there, the IGTV came! Does that sound familiar? Instagram Television: This means a mini television appeared on Instagram.

How long?

Very recently, the IGTV popped up, and many people wondered what it was and how it looked like and its functions. Although it’s called a television, there are limits to it. Unlike the usual TV that works by having some discs played for hours or something, this is a bit different. 

The IGTV is an app on its own, even though it works with Instagram. It allows its users to download the app, connect it to their Instagram accounts, and start uploading videos for their followers to see. If it’s a TV, then it means people should get to watch several videos, and long enough to be enjoyed. But how long can these videos be?

IGTV has a minimum length video that can be uploaded, so also does it have the maximum. There would be some explanations of how long the IGTV should be. The IGTV has its minimum and maximum video length; a user can upload a video for as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum video length. At this point, we should remember that there are different IG users. 

There are some with verified accounts, people with several followers, and who have gotten the blue tick on their pages - mostly celebrities and famous business owners, public figures, etc. The other ones are the ones with the unverified accounts; people who are yet to get the blue tick. The minimum and maximum video length largely depend on these; that is users, with several followers, are more likely to get the opportunity to upload lengthy videos more than the others.

As a regular user, you can upload a video up to 650MB in size; that’s usually between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. The users with larger accounts and the ones with the verified accounts can upload videos up to 5.4GB in size, from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. Maybe you’re wondering why some people have the opportunity to upload more than some others. 

The IGTV, built for content creators, and this way, they can fully utilize the IGTV functionalities for filming and broadcasting from their mobile devices. There is no way these people are going to do anything with 10 minutes this way, which is why they have been opportune to get longer minutes.

As it is, the video length for regular users, 15 seconds to 10 minutes, while the verified accounts, and people with larger accounts, 15 seconds to 60 minutes. However, the people who have been opportune to have 60 minutes of a video posted on their IGTVs can do so using the desktop. So it doesn’t matter whether you have a verified account or not; if you must upload more than a 10 minutes video on your IGTV, you should do it using a desktop.


Several people have found the use of Instagram and its IGTV app interesting; they have more opportunities to watch videos, as it serves just like YouTube; the only difference is that YouTube accommodates longer videos than the IGTV. However, if you still feel the need to upload more than a 10 minutes video as a regular Instagram user, you’re not restricted. 

You can take the pain of uploading your videos in bits just like you upload them in your Instagram story. This time, you can upload a video of 50 minutes 5 times, splitting it into 10 minutes each.