TikToks popularity is seemingly on the rise and this video app has taken the world by storm. With close to a billion users, the app has been a hit for celebrities and especially artistes who have earned a huge following among the millions of users. Thats not all, TikTok has made instant celebrities especially during this lockdown period when there is not much going on outdoors. 

The 15-second video-sharing app has some pretty amazing features and effects which make it stand out. TikTok has more or so brought professional video editing right to our smartphones and we just cant get enough! Whats more, unlike YouTube and other video sharing applications, TikTok has an equal creator-content consumer ratio. This means that people are watching the TikTok videos with as much enthusiasm as they are creating new videos. Its a movement out there!

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List Of Indian Famous Female TikTokers
As one of the biggest digital platforms in India, it is no doubt that larger than life personalities have hoped in the ride. TikTok plays host to some of these A-listers and fans get to keep up with their favorites on this video app. Actors and artistes form the huge bulk of big personalities on this app and here, we take a look at some of TikToker's big names.

Below are the most famous TikTokers in India who are female

One of the TikTok bigwigs, Jannat started as a child actress and has gone on to amass 20 million followers on the app. Not so bad for an 18-year-old, is it? She keeps her fans entertained by her sometime humorous videos and dancing skills. Thats on top of her sweeping looks.

Avneet is an actress who kicked off her career at a tender age on a dance competition before turning into acting. At 18, she has several million followers and is well known for her work on Alladin, a popular TV show.

This actress shot to the spotlight for playing young Meera in the TV series Meera and also Rajkumari Radhika, sister to Salman Khan in the film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”. She has quite a huge following on social media given her creative content around dancing and acting. Her TikTok fanbase is always kept amused by her short videos on the popular video-sharing app.

Naik is a social media bigwig in India and has grown to be a household name. Her YouTube channel thrust her to the limelight and gained her quite a huge following on TikTok. With more than 3 million followers, Naik always keeps her fans entertained.

Instagram and TikTok are Disha Madans main domains. The social media sensation is known for her dance moves and funny mashups on TikTok and is fast rising on popularity among the users, not just in her country. Her lip-syncing to international tunes have earned her a fair number of the 2.72million followers she proudly possesses.

This TikToker endears to her fans by posting some very relatable content delivered funnily and ironically. It is no wonder fans are always thirsting for her videos. She is definitely worth checking out.

Her journey to stardom began when she was a child as an actor in films like Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Vaastu Shastra, and My Friend Ganesha. Besides acting, she is a regular feature on advertisements and is currently a corporate ambassador for various brands in her country. Currently, with over 2.5 million followers, she is one of the trendsetters on TikTok. Follow her for some of that awesome content!

Nagma is also a huge TikTok trendsetter with over 3.5 million followers. She often posts musical videos and has even collaborated with some other famous TikTok figures like Aashika Bhatia and Awez Darbar. Catch up with her on TikTok for some refreshing content!

Mrunu's huge following on TikTok is mostly due to her fashion blog which had already thrust her to fame before TikTok came along and it has been a double blessing for her. She is already bagging TikTok awards and was recently crowned as the top Indian female comedian by her fans. Nicknamed Mrunu, she is a renowned corporate brand ambassador and we can all see why she is a sellout with her over 1.6 million followers.

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Her huge following is a testament to her popularity. This star posts some amazing content on her TikTok handle and is one of the most versatile artists on the app with a great way of telling personal stories.

She is arguably one of the most creative content creators on the list. If you are looking for insane makeup tricks or just general beauty knowledge, Faby is the one-stop-shop. She has grown to amass quite a huge fanbase and things are only looking up for this gem.

This TikToker is well known as a part of the famed trio Teen Tigada alongside Bhavin and Vishal.  With over 19 million followers, she is among the top influencers on the social media app.

Besides these big names, TikTok is making overnight celebrities and instant stars. With the numerous TikTok challenges that sweep the internet, we can be sure another star will be born, with millions and millions of followers. It could be you! Get that phone out and share some moments with millions across the world!