Instagram is the most popular and actively used social media in recent times. Its vast popularity and number of daily users have attracted people and even businesses to grow a presence in its platform. However, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, Instagram majorly accommodates photo and video sharing. 
Why my instagram video stuck at uploading?
Amongst the two, video is the most captivating and most engaging content format. Now, imagine how frustrating it would be when you want to captivate your followers and audience with a very entertaining video and it just doesn’t upload. 
Instead an irritating “There was an issue importing your video. Please try again later” pops up. And because this video should be uploaded at that particular time that would ensure maximum engagement from your audience, you try again, and again, yet there’s no positive reply. 

Truth is, a lot of people have tried to come up with a specific reason for this incidence, but they all end up giving a list of different possibilities. Although this article won’t be any different, we will give a more expounded list and maybe, throw in some solutions. So relax and read-on.

Reasons why a video can be stuck on uploading

The video is not supported: like all public enterprises, every social media platform has its own terms and conditions which every user must agree to follow. Instagram is not different. However, because of how cumbersome and not really interesting-to-read these terms and conditions are, most users don’t go through them before agreeing to adhere to them. 

Unfortunately for those set of people, they would try to do things they agreed not to do which may lead to problems while using Instagram. In Instagram’s terms and conditions, specifications on the technically supported video format that is allowed to be on Instagram is stated clearly. Here are the video specifications.
  • Video length must only be 3 – 60 seconds.
  • Video must be 30 frames per second.
  • Video should be .MP4s using H.264 video encoder
  • Video must be 3,500 kbps bitrate
  • Video size must be below 50MB
  • Video size 1080 pixels with 4:5. resolution.

Your account has issues:
this usually means that your Instagram account is disabled or blocked. The major reason why this could happen is because the user in question violated their rule of: not using bots or automatic software on Instagram. 

Let me guess, you didn’t know this because you didn’t read their terms and conditions. Well, now you know. Normally, this situation of using bots and other automatic software arises when an Instagram user grows his or her account “inorganically”.

Poor internet connection: this is the most common reason why a video won’t upload on Instagram. You might be so engrossed in what you are doing with your phone, with steady internet connection of course, then, when you want to upload a video, it just vanishes. It’s not a problem at all. Simply check your phone Wi-Fi or your data connection. 

You might also want to check if your data subscription has expired. Another reason that can be written under this point is: barred Instagram in specific places. Some places like a university, a second school or even your workplaces can be barred from connecting to Instagram. This is usually done to keep students or employees focused.

Uploading illegal contents: this usually consists of X-rated movies and violent videos. If perchance, this kind of video is uploaded, Instagram will detect and delete it immediately. Let me guess, you didn’t know this point too, they all still go back to Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Things to do to upload a stuck Instagram video

Restart your phone: it is widely known that any technical phone problem can be resolved by restarting your phone. Note, restarting doesn’t mean shutting down your phone and turning it on manually. It involves clicking the restart button and allowing the phone to do its job. Apps like Microsoft Word, app freeze, Xender and many others could develop problems that can be rectified by restarting one’s phone. Instagram is not different.

Update your Instagram app: if you fall under the category of people that always hit the “remind me later” button whenever it’s time to update their Instagram, then it’s time for a change of heart. Many have testified that updating their Instagram app have successfully caused their stuck Instagram videos to download.

Clear your phone and app cache: cache is simply a temporary memory in electronic devices which stores the most frequent actions carried out in the device. It helps increase speed and saves the device processor's time. Although this particular memory is advantageous, it is also expendable. This is to say that if you delete the data in your phone or Instagram cache, nothing will go wrong. It can also help in rectifying a stuck Instagram video issue.

Have patience: sometimes, patience is indeed the only solution to a stuck Instagram video. Moreover, Instagram servers might be busy at the moment you want to upload a video. Maybe you should try being patient.

Re-download and re-install Instagram app: this solution is usually kept as a last resort. If you have tried all the above mentioned solutions, yet there’s no positive change. You are advised to uninstall your Instagram app. Re-download it from your phone app store, enable and re-install it. Surely, there would be an improvement.

In conclusion, if your Instagram video is stuck on preparing, do not panic. Although this incident is not common, yet it isn’t unheard of. I have written down a list of possible causes of this incident and likely solutions. Carry them out and send out that entertaining video to your audience!

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