Tiktok, an excellent app that has come handy within this global pandemic period that has led to stay at home restrictions. I know you've had a swirling time making use of this app. But it seems that your joyful satisfaction isn't complete. 

You've probably had problems uploading longer music on TikTok. Your music upload always gets cut short at 15 seconds. And at 15 seconds, the fun part where you intend your listeners to experience is cut short. I feel your pain. You probably must be wondering why. Here are two possible reasons:

Tiktok has only been licensed by musicproviders to allow only 15 seconds of play on their platform. If they don't keep to that agreement, they'll be engaging in copyright infringement.

Another reason is that from the primary intent of the app's developers, they limit you to a few seconds of uploaded content. Even the name Tiktok, mimics the sound made by your wall clock ticking in seconds.

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But with all these notwithstanding, you likely have seen others upload longer songs of more than 15 seconds length on this platform. So yours should not be an exception.
How To Make Music Longer On Tiktok

How To Make Longer Music

Here's how you can do it. We'll group these methods into two options:
  • Play music as background sound
  • Make use of a third-party app
Play music as background sound: Tik Tok, as mentioned earlier, allows video recording of up to 60 seconds in length. Now, with the app, you can create short lip-sync, music, comedy and other videos. Many of the popular songs available on TikTok allows only 15 seconds of recording.  So opting to use them for your records will automatically allow only 15 seconds length of the video.

Here's a way out. Playing your music as accompanying background music within your environment can provide a more extended music recording. In this case, you record the sound along with whatever you're doing. The slight disadvantage is that, if properly not handled, the quality of recording will not be top-notch. Background noise can become an issue.

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Make use of a third-party app: With this option, you achieve better music quality. The third-party app provides lots of features that give you more editing options. In this case, the video can be uploaded directly on TikTok after editing. 

Such videos after proper editing will have the music playing precisely at where you intend it on playing. You could replace accompanying video sounds with your preferred customised sounds.  One such app is the InShot Video Editor compatible with Android and iPhone devices. Here's a brief overview of how it works-

Step 1. Download the InShot Video Editor: Search from your iPhone App Store or Google Play store the InShot Video Editor application and download. After installation, open it. Under the "Create New" option, click on "Video", you'll be taken to your phone's photo library. There, you select the video that you intend to edit and upload.

Step 2. Edit accompanying original video sound. Provided you want to eliminate the unique music, there is a menu below the video. Scroll the list to the right part of it until you locate a "Volume" option. 

Click on it, and a bar meant for volume control will be displayed. To get rid of the original sound absolutely, move the volume control to the 0% mark on the bar. Then click on the volume check-mark to save what you've edited.

Step 3. At this point, we'll like to locate the customised sound you want to integrate. Still, on the menu below the video, scroll to the left this time till you come across the "Music" option. Tap on this "Menu" option, and you will see other options like "Tracks", "Effects", and "Record".  Tap on the "Tracks" labelled choice and three different variants of "Featured", "iTunes" and "Effects" will be displayed.

Next tap on "Featured" and you'll be presented with an "Imported music" option. Of which if you follow the on-screen prompts and tap on the right choices, you'll locate your desired sound. Or if you intend adding iTunes sound, the "iTunes" option should be clicked instead of "Featured".  Then select your music from your iTunes library.

Step 4. To edit the track, tap on the editing menu displayed at the bottom of your screen. An "Edit" option will appear on the toolbar above. To determine the starting point of your song and the duration, trim the clip. 

The volume could also be adjusted with the "Volume" option and fading effects too with "Fade in" and "Fade out" option. Once you're done editing your sound to your taste, tap on the checkmark and proceed to the integration stage.

Step 5. For the integration and synchronisation of music and video, return to the editing menu. Drag your song above your video clip till they've achieved your desired blend and the song now plays precisely where you intend it to on the video clip. Tap on the checkmark once you're satisfied. And to save it to your device, tap on the export option found at the top-right portion of your screen.

Step 6. Now is the point you upload your long music video on TikTok. As soon as the video is done saving from your InShort app after you've clicked on the export option, you'll see "Other" option displayed by the right. 

Tap on it and select the TikTok app icon displayed to upload it directly. So with the use of this third party app, you can upload a longer music content on the Tiktok platform.

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At this point, you've come to see how you could extend your excellent user music experience on the TikTok app. Although most music the app provides on its platform is 15 seconds long due to the exclusive licence agreement they have, you are still capable of having your custom sound of over that. So, we hope you do have a wonderful time on it as you express your various forms of art.