First, what is monetizing? To monetize something is when you have the opportunity to earn money from something or convert the product into revenue. Second, is this possible generally on social media? Yes. There are many companies who now pay you to advertise or represent their product through your content, although to do this generally and successfully you should have built your profile and followers already.

Third, is this something you can progress into on IGTV? So, we know that many influencers get paid for their ads on their Instagram feeds and posts, you can usually tell because a certain brand will be tagged in the caption or it will say ‘affiliated/ sponsored post’ below the photo or on the story with a link directly next to it. But, is this achievable on IGTV. The answer is yes, yes it is achievable. Although not as popular at the moment. Here are some points to think about:
Monetize My Content On IGTV

Monetizing you IGTV:

Having a sufficient number of organic and genuine viewers

If you are struggling to keep a high number of viewers, you should think about your content and what you are posting. Does it have a theme? Is there a set topic? What is the target audience you are looking to impact? And then try to maintain it. 

You need to gain the loyalty of your viewers and do your best to turn them into followers of your account. This is how influencers become…influencers. You want them to keep coming back. Having followers or viewers is simply not enough, you also want them to be interactive. 

If you are struggling to get the viewers initially or need some assistance there are some websites or companies who can assist you in this, you can ‘buy’ your followers or viewers but it’s up to you to keep them. Hey, you have to invest to earn, right?


Keep your IGTV content relevant, if you have already established a high number of followers on your Instagram feed it does not necessarily mean that they will roll over onto your IGTV channel to watch your videos, you have to gain their interest. 

If your Instagram feed is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle but your IGTV channel is all about the best night clubs to go to and the best fast-food restaurants to eat at, it will be hard for you to prove genuine in the products you are promoting. 

Decide first, what you want to be influenced, and continue from there. Engage your audience so that you have a rough idea of how many of your viewers are organic and not an automated account.

Contacting sponsors

If your content is noticeably unique you may have brands or companies contact you for sponsorship or affiliation, although beware as some are just trying to scam you into free advertisement/pr. 

More than likely (unless you have a really significant number of followers) you will have to start by contacting the companies you want to sponsor or be affiliated with first. Go to them with a plan already in thought through and how you will be able to optimize their exposure. 

Also, have in mind, a reasonable amount you want to earn from them and see if they agree however, you should keep an open mind and understand that they will normally negotiate the terms to suit them. To begin with, you should accept that they do have the upper-hand, and once proven successful you will then have a further leg to stand on in the negotiating field.

Quality of video

This is an important step, your content is as good as you make it. Ensuring that the quality of your video is high means you are more likely to have viewers, engagement, and support. Brands/companies will not want to be affiliated with you if the quality of your video is, well rubbish. They want to be represented well. Quality of video include, lighting, sound definition, picture quality, and content quality. 

There is no point asking a company or brand to sponsor you if you spend 8 minutes of the 10-minute IGTV video staring at the screen smiling, you need to engage, communicate, and promote. The higher the quality of your video, the more you can ask for in sponsorship.

Getting paid by your followers

Depending on how big your follower or fan base is and the type of relationship you have with them, you could always ask them to support your career. This is not a recommended step if you do not have a personal relationship with your fan-base already or if your fan-base consists of school children who, more than likely, do not earn their own money. You can set up online accounts that they can make payments through to help you build your career.

Create your own business

If you have a business set mind and or a creative touch you can make your own merchandise. Now, there is a misconception that only the celebrities have merchandise and although it’s true they do have their own merchandise it does not mean that you too can not. Creating merchandise doesn’t have to be about you personally. 

In fact, if you have a theme of your account then your merchandise should be relevant to that. For example, if your content revolves around animal protection rights and supporting the wildlife, then you can create a product that correlates with that in some way, create a logo so that it is your brand and then start to promote it. The more unique your theme, the easier it will be to sell a product. 

For example, going into the ‘fit lifestyle’ field is more difficult now since there are already a lot of accounts who promote this and have their own merchandise it will be more difficult to make the impact you desire. That is not to say it can’t be done, it just means it will be more difficult to show why your product is the best. Find a niche market, target audience, and go from there.


As you can see, there are ways to monetize your IGTV account however it is not something to consider for making quick cash, it takes a lot of work to build your base, and then it becomes easier. Ensure that you upload content regularly and efficiently. 

Check the quality of your content and the relevance, and only take on a theme or topic that you really feel passionate about this will make it easier when trying to earn money from it. Remain patient and enjoy it!