When I registered my first blog: the-amazing-facts.com; I never heard the term "Search Engine Optimization" or SEO in short form. At that time (I'm talking about 2010), SEO was not popular like today. Then Years passed, I started learning about SEO. SEO is really a vast chapter. You could never finish learning about SEO, cause the SEO technique has been changed a lot. There is a massive difference between 2010 and 2020. SEO has been improved vastly. In 2010, you could rank your blog by spamming on others' comment boxes. And google considered it as a backlink. Nowadays, you just can't rank your blog only with spamming. Even I did the same job in 2015, to rank a blog post related to the Happy New Year 2016. I spammed a lot, and the result was insane. I got more than 1.5 lakhs traffic in a single day. My highest real-time traffic was 6660. I banked a lot of dollars that day. Now event blogging has been changed as Google destroys it almost. Now, if you try to make an event blog, you have to take the help of PBN links, which are not suitable for long term blogging. Anyway, you can take the help of PBN links as event blogs are created for a few months. I got the idea of an event blog from my friend Imran Uddin (founder of alltechbuzz)- he made a blog and ranked well for few high searchable keywords for 2-3 days and the result? He succeeded. He shared his experience and tips on his blog; you can take a look for details guide.

Nowadays, even if you make an event blog and work hard to rank the search engine result page's top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page), you will be failed, with no chance to rank at the top. Do you know the reason? Well, the high authority sites like nytimes, ndtv, and all create a page related to the event, and they ranked on top within a few hours as Google trust them a lot. So google trust is most important. They will easily outrank you and throw you out of the competition. 

One more example- if you search world environment day quotes, you will find these results. At the very first, you will find the featured snippet, then comes the high authority google news approved blogs like the Indian Express, dnaindia.com, etc. Then come image search results- images with quotes. 
featured snippet

high authority google news approved blogs

images with quote
Now you think like a visitor. You see featured snippet at first, that means there is something good in it, then high authority blogs, whom google loves most. That means they can fulfill your requirements: next image results- images with quotes. And there is a line- a picture worths a thousand words. Then why will you scroll down to see other sites? You have got enough resources that you need. 
high authority blogs
Okay, now if you still want to visit the rest of the sites in google search result page, it can make you really upset because all of the blogs are high authority blogs, whose domain authority stands between 70 to 90. so is it easy for a six months old blog with da maximum 15-20 to outrank those blogs? Never. Yes, I say again... NEVER!

Now back to my own blog. The title was Sourajit Saha: Story Of My Life, and now you find here a lot of techs related articles and no journal. Yes, I wrote journal from the very first, and I wanted not to use AdSense ad or any other ad in this blog. Once it reached 23 scores of domain authority, it stroke on my mind- I could make money with this blog. Plus now it is a three years old domain (at that time it was two years old domain). So I did not make a new blog for tech articles. Instead of that, I started posting tech-related articles. And nowadays I write very often; you will find some of them on Twitter. I hire article writers and let them do the job. The result is pretty good. I started getting traffic as ranked on some medium competition keywords. It was good going until Google's core algorithm of May rolled out. Many blogs have been affected due to the update. Anyway, it has been recovered, and now it is getting up with a decent income.

I read everyday about blogging and some other articles. Nowadays, we all are spending all day at home. It causes anxiety. I was searching about this on google and found an article on newindianexpress that 61% Indians suffering from mental health issues during the lockdown. It's pathetic. But govt. has no other way to save us from coronavirus.

The second article I check- can air conditioner make us fairer? I got some interesting answer on Quora. One stated that if we spend most of the time on the air conditioning room, it saves us from sunlight, ultra violet rays. Moreover, it makes our skin dry. Dry skin looks fairer. So in that logic, an air conditioner makes you fairer. 

Another search query was how to time pass at home in lockdown? There are many ways to spend time at home. You can read books/ebooks; you can see movies, web series at Netflix, or Hoichoi. You can draw a picture; you can dance. I spend most of the time sleeping. Cause due to suffering from Bipolar Disorder or ADHD (Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder), I can't concentrate on something that would take time. Like reading a book- it will need almost 1-2 hours. Watching movies or web series can take 1-2 hours rather than I can watch YouTube videos, which are generally 5-6 mins long on average. Today I tried to read a Tintin comics book; I could hardly read 40 pages (a Tintin comics book consists of 62 pages). It is disappointing sometimes. It's very tough to spend my time. I can't dance, I can't paint. Yoga is a good way, but I don't have patience. Now you can ask me- then how do you blog? Because bloggers need a lot of patience. SEO is the slowest way of business. I don't know why I don't take a break even a single day from my blog. Yeah, I don't write, I don't post every day, but I check all the details and metrics, statistics of my blog. Even if I don't write, I read about blogging that I have mentioned earlier. 

I came across an excellent blog post written by one of my favorite bloggers cum SEO masters. The post was about off-page SEO. The effort that Brian gave in his every post is outstanding; simply, there is no word to describe. You can check backlinko to see a sample of his wonderful work. In this article, I learned that Google still use PageRank even after 18 years, but we knew PageRank is dead now. 

In another blog post written by a blogger, he stated- interlinking is very crucial for on-page SEO. Yes, that's completely true. I know an Indian blogger who uses interlinking smartly. He is none but Harsh Agrawal. If you read his blog, you will find at least ten inbound links in a single post. The biggest example of interlinking is Wikipedia. They never give dofollow backlinks to other websites/blogs except themselves. Here are other tips for the newbie- rather than posting an interlink between the paragraphs, you should insert inside the blog post, which is called a contextual link, that is more effective. 

I've read two different logic about the same topic. That is an outbound link. One SEO expert stated that- you should make all outbound links as nofollow. Otherwise, link juice will flow to other sites. That's true. But another SEO expert states that use dofollow link as an outbound link(s). because only the spam website doesn't want to flow link juice to other websites, it's confusing. The second SEO expert is Brian Dean. If you're going to learn about how Google algorithm works, you can check this link. I hope it helps.

Back in my life, as I spend most of my time in my room, sleeping, otherwise, in front of a computer or using a smartphone. It's very monotonous, is not it? That's why I go to Kolkata for a day every month to any amusement park (Nicco park, Eco-park) or shopping mall like City Centre, City Centre 2, Mani Square, Acropolis mall. But for the last three months, I did not get a chance to go anywhere of them because of Coronavirus. Coronavirus has been changed our life. Entirely. Bill Gates warned people in 2015 on TED talks about this kind of virus. And in 2020, his words become true. 

Now see, I started the article with search engine optimization, and now I came to the coronavirus. For that reason, I hire content writers. LOL. Anyway, SEO is really very important to bloggers. And it updates with time. So if you take blogging seriously, as your source of income, you have to keep your eyes open on SEO related blogs like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, etc. People who talk about SEO, that SEO is dead, is full rubbish. SEO is growing up like us. Okay, no more today. If you have any questions related to the post, kindly do drop a comment below. And if you will like the post, you can share it via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook with your friends. Keep reading other posts. :)