I was watching a documentary on Bill Gates today in the afternoon. It's very impressive and motivating. It started when Bill was a little boy. He and his friend Paul Allen (who was senior to Bill Gates and died in 2018) made some computer programs that made amazed their computer science teacher. The documentary was in Bengali translated. I came to know that bill gates went to Harvard University to study law like his father, not computer science. Then he left Harvard and formed Microsoft, whose estimated value is more than 1 trillion dollars now. 
Sourajit.com Is Now 3 Years Old
It's very important to set a goal and focus on it. When I was young, my computer teacher asked me on the first day, what’s your aim in life? I replied- I want to be a software engineer in future. Later, when C++ was in our syllabus, I’m not blowing my own trumpet, but teachers liked me very much cause I was a good programmer while I saw my friends struggle writing codes. I didn’t understand why coding seemed so tough to them. In class eight, I learned HTML programming
My first HTML program

My another HTML program
Here is a copy of my first program. I got those copies in my cabinet. When I got those copy, I felt so glad; I can’t express here. At that time, while writing my first program, I didn’t know those are the starting of my career. Every line starts with a single dot. It was 14 years ago. Now I’m 28 years old. That was half of my age. I wrote in detail at memory lane 1, memory lane 2memory lane 3

After 14 years, all I can say that blogging is an incredible experience. I wanted to be a coder though I had no idea about monetization. I didn’t have any idea about a sponsored post, advertising, affiliate marketing. Later I came to know all about them. I started an experiment with ad networks. I Combined them. I Changed their position frequently. Now I'm in a stable condition with this blog- sourajit.com, and it looks promising. 

Yesterday I read about Satyajit Ray, and today I watched the documentary of Bill Gates. Both of them are my idol. Bill was born and brought up in the United States, which is a very developed country, while Ray was born in a developing country and almost 15-20 years before bill gates was born. If Satyajit Ray was born in the United States at the same time that bill gates were born, he could make more masterpieces. Even he had to make the film through very tough situations. Once he conceited- "Film making had never been so easy to me." He had cross a lot of barriers to make films. The interesting fact is- the day when Satyajit Ray was receiving Oscar, I was born on the same day. 

Now I’m 28 years old, and I made this blog when I was 25 years old. That means this blog is three years old. Sometimes I think what if I registered this blog in 2010, then it would be ten years old with more authority and trust. But at the same time, I think at least I made it 25 years old, not 35 years or beyond that. I have recently increased the domain registration length by two years. So the expiry date of this domain is 21st march, 2025. I read an article written by Brian Dean where he wrote- I always register the domain length of 5+ years for all my blog. Even in Google ranking factors, he mentioned that domain registration length could be a minor ranking factor. 

Now, this blog is three years, three months, three days old—an amazing number with the coincidence of writing this article. I stopped writing articles for more than one year. Probably it was writer’s block. Now this month, I have written 10-12 articles as personal posts. I'm really blessed to choose such a profession. I don’t have to go outside. I don't have to pay much for my lunch. I don’t have to waste my time on the journey. Even now, during the lockdown period, I keep my work continuously with no traffic loss, no revenue loss. I don’t have to stay as unemployment. Thanks for all of my achievements. No more today. If you have any questions related to this article, feel free to ask me in the comment section below. If you find this article share-worthy, then kindly share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Keep reading my other posts. Bye.