The Social Media world is developing, every day, it seems with a new app available for you to download and share your creativity on. Some apps make it into the mainstream world and others do not quite get there. There seems to be apps for everything, showing off your photos, photo editing skills, general blog-like posts, and video posting. The two main channels currently used to video posting or marketing are TikTok and YouTube, but which is one is best?
What Is Better? TikTok Or Youtube?


Founded in America in February 2005 by three ex-employees of PayPal and was then bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion. It is a video sharing platform that allows people to share just about anything in video form. In today’s world users can find just about anything they need to know on YouTube; need to know how to cook a meal? YouTube it, need to know how to tie a shoelace? YouTube it. Looking for the answer to your history essay piece? YouTube it. Where there really is an answer for everything.

The contents on YouTube are entirely user-created, so there can really be a mix of results for something searched, it is important to pay attention to the source of the video and whether the contents are appropriate for the audience. YouTube does it’s best to keep inappropriate materials to a minimum however with the number of uploads daily and cleverly hidden tactics there are videos that get through that you would, maybe, not want a child to see. With a variety of differentusers and creators, it adds to a vast variety of videos available, entertainment videos, educational videos, review videos, information videos, and homemade videos.

YouTube is very user friendly, the videos should already be created to how you want them to be published as there are no editorial effects available on the website, you can add your caption which describes what people will see in the video and any other relevant information, and then submit to your profile. Video lengths can last from anything between 30 seconds – 15 minutes for the standard user however once you have your profile verified by Google you can then upload longer videos. Once your video is uploaded viewers can rate it, comment on it, and subscribe to your channel to see your future uploads. To search for a video you simply enter the keywords of your search into the search bar, press enter, and look at the results. There are now specified channels for certain departments, for example, there are the kid's friendly channels that only show videos appropriate for children of 12 years and younger. There are food channels that only show videos related to food orientated subjects, and there are channels for educational purposes which show videos related to school projects and are lesson-based.

Known for its usefulness for all ages YouTube proves to be a great addition to the social media and entertainment world. But how does it compare to TikTok?

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A much more recent addition to the social media world is TikTok created in 2017 by the Chinese entertainment company ByteDance. Initially, ByteDance had created a similar program called Douyin in 2016 however changed the name to release it on iOS and Android applications. Then in August 2018, bought a partnership with TikTok so that it could be launched in America. TikTok ultimately is a video platform where users can create short lip-syncing videos, music-related, comedy related, or create their own content. It has become one of the most downloaded apps across the world, with a variety of different ages being interested.

TikTok allows users to uses pre-provided sounds or creates their own, it has filters and effects already programmed into the app and users are able to create 15 seconds up to 30 seconds videos. This app is more based on entertainment purposes with users being able to lipsync along with their favorite artists, show off their singing skills, joining the latest dance trend or show off their video editorial skills. Although once a video has been uploaded to your profile you are unable to edit it, to change anything you have to completely delete the video and re-upload it. Once a profile is verified users also have the opportunity to live stream from their account for other viewers to join them making the experience all that more personal. Statistics show that the audience of TikTok is mainly users between the ages of 14 – 24 however the older generation is showing more interest.

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How do they compare?

Whether you find one app better than the other ultimately comes down to what you are using it for. If you are looking for information-based videos than you would benefit from Youtube however if you are looking for entertainment purposes then TikTok would be a suitable choice for you. As a creator, there are benefits of using TikTok since they have effects and video editorial effects already available.

If you are looking to expand your vlogging world or show off your teaching skills then you would probably benefit from Youtube. Due to the video length capacity, it really depends on what you are trying to show the world. If you are savvy in the editing field and can edit your videos from a separate app then Youtube is convenient however if you need assistance in the editing then TikTok would be more suitable.

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Promoting tools are more established on TikTok since there is wider use of hashtags and ‘challenges’ to participate in, so if it is a brand you are looking to advertise then TikTok would have a better advantage for a quick, accessible audience. Although, it doesn’t matter which app you use unless you know how to use it properly and to the best of your advantage. If you have the knowledge of creating the videos but not the marketing of videos you could always hire a marketing manager to do that for you.