Videos are amazing and most people love to watch them. Sometimes, we get caught in the moments shown in the videos; that's to show how fascinating they are. Have you ever come across a video excerpt that left you in suspense; you loved it so much but you could not get the complete video? How did you feel? 

I’m sure you tried all you could to get details about that video so you could look for the video yourself and watch the whole thing. Worse still, you didn’t get any detail on the video? 
How To Upload Full Video On Instagram Story
You must have felt so terrible. That feeling is understandable and often mutual. Instagram story could leave its users with that kind of feeling. Instagram story or Insta story is an Instagram feature that allows its users to upload pictures or videos. 

These Pictures and videos disappear 24 hours after they have been posted. Several people have had the opportunity to post pictures and videos for their followers to see, but the story only looks perfect for pictures and not videos. Why? It doesn’t take long to finish inspecting a picture, but it is not the same for a video.

Many a times, many people get the opportunity to upload video excerpts for their followers to see, they only leave their followers wanting more. If you are very familiar with Instagram story, you would know that the Insta story does not accommodate long videos. 

The maximum video you can upload on an Instagram story is 15 seconds. Not enough, right? If you want to enjoy a video excerpt, at least one minute of the whole video would be fine not 15 seconds.

There are so many times you have amazing video clips you want to show to your followers too, but these clips are more than 15 seconds, and you’re worried about how to get this video clip on, especially without using the IGTV. You have been hit with the bad news that you can’t upload more than a 15 seconds video on your Insta story; there might be a good news for you, but don’t be too excited.

There are several applications that work for Instagram stories, these applications do not upload your full videos as you might have imagined, they only help clipping and uploading process easier. Some of these applications include, long story and Cutstory for Instagram. 

If you have a video clip that is more than 15 seconds and you are trying to post it, you can get these applications to make your upload easier. Here are ways to upload a full video on Instagram story using the Long Story app.
  • Get the ‘Long Story’ app on your mobile device: As the name implies, ‘Long story’, it helps you deal with your long stories and makes uploading easier. As stated earlier, apps like these do not help you upload the full video; they only help with the clipping:
  • Open the Long Story app and click on ‘select video’: Clicking on this would take you to your library where you can select the video you want to clip. This process is to import the video from your library to the app where it can be clipped.
  • Go through your library to choose video: At this point, you’re expected to choose your desired video for clipping by clicking on it. Before you get to this stage, you must have known and recognized the video you want to clip; so you don’t mix up videos and start the process all over again. That could be frustrating.
  • Video imported: After choosing the desired video to be clicked, the video will be imported from your library to the application.
  • Split and save clips: This process will split up your videos into 15 second clips. For instance, if you have a 2 minutes video, once you click on the split and save clips, your 2 minutes video will be split into 8 to become 8 different clips of the same video.
  • Saved: These clips would be saved to your library, and you will get the confirmation that they have been saved.
  • Upload your clips: You can now upload a 2 minutes video clip on your Insta story, only that you’ll upload them in clips. These clips have been made ready, you just keep clicking on them until you are done uploading.
No matter how long your video is, you can always use the splitting apps to make the upload easy. If you then feel you don’t need any splitting apps, you just want to get your full video uploaded, Instagram has your back…

Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your Instagram story on the Instagram app, and click on it then swipe up. It takes you directly to your library or gallery.
  • Click on your desired video to be shared, and it will select the video and appear on your Insta story.
  • Your video will automatically be split into 15 seconds clip. So if you still want to upload a video of two minutes, you will have 8 clips. You select the first one and upload, you repeat the process again, and again till you are done uploading your video.
  • Which ever way you use, your video would be shared on your Insta story and be seen by your followers.


You are not limited to the 15 seconds on Instagram story. You can always save your followers from suspense by splitting up your video and uploading the clips for them to see.Any of the splitting apps works just fine for your videos. They help you achieve the same purpose. If you don’t want to use the splitting apps, you can do the splitting yourself by uploading your videos in bits.