In case you didn’t know, there is a newbie in the social media town going by the name of IGTV. This is a platform created by Instagram which is intended for video streaming and creating, a bit like Youtube.

How can you access IGTV?

You can access the Instagram platform from your main Instagram account. When you go onto the app from your smartphone, go onto your profile page and you will see the IGTV icon which is a little TV screen is at the top right-hand side of the screen. 

When IGTV opens it will show you content from your followers, people you are following and content IG thinks that you will be interested in according to your recent searches or used hashtags. If after exploring the platform you decide you want to create your own channel all you have to do is click on the profile tab within IGTV and start uploading.
Can I Watch IGTV Videos On My Computer?

Uploading Content:

Uploading content to IGTV is pretty standard, there are no editorial advantages, no special effects, just you and the camera. Unless the video is pre-made in which case you can edit it how you’d like but either way, it uploads how you submit it. 

Although, the video quality is improved in comparison to Instagram stories. To expand your audience you should use hashtags and keywords in the description/caption of the video. Your viewers are able to like and comment on the posted video in the same way they can on your Instagram feed. 

In regards to vertical videography, IGTV has taken a step in the right direction. With improving the quality, streaming, and audio quality, it leaps over other social media apps that have a similar incentive.

Accessing IGTV on the Computer:

You can access IGTV on your computer, you would need to install the app which is supported by Windows PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) and Mac (Mac OS X, Mac OS, and Mas Mojave). Once downloaded you can access the platform straight away and reviewers have found that it works without problems. 

You can also access IGTV from the main Instagram app if you have this already downloaded onto your PC. Simply go onto Instagram, search for the profile or content you are looking for, on their main profile you will find the tab for IGTV in between their ‘posts’ and ‘tagged’ posts and watch until your heart's content. Once you have accessed IGTV on your computer you can use it in the same way you would your smartphone.

Uploading Content from the PC:

Uploading videos to your IGTV account from your PC takes a little more work than if you are uploading from your smartphone, however, when you upload from your PC you also have the chance for more editorial techniques since you can use a different program to edit the video and then upload it.

You would access your channel, then select upload video, you will then be taken to a page where you can select the video you want to upload, pick the thumbnail for the video, add a title and create an interesting caption – make sure you remember to use relevant and trending hashtags to widen your audience.

Until recently, you could only upload vertical videos on IGTV, although this has recently changed it is still in debate whether it changes the quality and visual experience IGTV has to offer. This is worth bearing in mind when you are creating/uploading your videos and work.

Once your video is uploaded, you will be able to select the video cover which users will see when scrolling through your channel. Select an interesting part of the video or a funny still screen which will intrigue people to watch.

Tips for uploading content to IGTV:

There are a few things we would encourage you to remember when uploading new content to your channel.
  • The first one is to remember who your audience and target audience is. If you have a following of children aged between 14-17 then make sure your content is appropriate for their age, if your following is from 16-23 make sure they will be able to relate to what you are uploading
  • If you want to add context and depth to your videos add text to be visible on the video itself prior to uploading. This can not be done after so be sure whether you want it to be added or not.
  • Add subtitles to your videos. This is a new trend in the video/vlogging world however has proven to be successful. This widens your audience even further, you may have followers which are deaf, unable to use audio all of the time (at least if they can read what you’re saying and see the video they can still watch your content), a follower who does not share the same native language as yourself. By adding subtitles, it allows for a better understanding of your context.
  • Only use the time that you need for the video, don’t bore your audience. You may be able to upload a video that can be 10 minutes long but there is no point in doing so if your audience are going to lose interest in what they are watching.
  • Stick to your theme! Or, if you do not already have one, create one. This makes for a successful profile/channel. Pick a theme that you are passionate about and can talk about or show often and showcase in different ways. Do not post one day a 10-minute video stating how you love to cook at home and fill it with some of your homemade recipes and then in the next video talk about how you eat out every day but on a budget. Contradicting yourself is a first-class way to lose followers, reputation, and overall respect from your audience.


So finally, can you use IGTV on the computer? The answer is yes. Although you should bear in mind that it was created for use on our smartphones.