Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the top famous gadgets that basically converts a standard TV into a smart TV when you connect the stick via the HDMI ((High-Definition Multimedia Interface)) port. Amazon Fire TV Stick supports all the primary/necessary television apps like Netflix, Voot, Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5, Hotstar, Apple TV, YouTube, and many more. However, we often unnoticed some unique features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. So, here is the list below of five overlooked features.
Few Lesser Known Features of Amazon Fire TV Stick

You don't need remote anymore

While using the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you do not need to worry about your remote that we often misplace. You can simply convert your smartphone as a Fire TV stick remote. To enable the feature, you have to follow these following steps:

1> It would be best if you kept in mind that you are connecting your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as the Amazon Fire TV stick device.

2> Download and install the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone and select your desired device, which means your Fire TV Stick.

3> You have to follow the on-screen instructions and use the on-screen navigation tool, keyboard, and other menu options to manage the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Playing games on Amazon Fire TV

I would like to enlighten the fact that your Amazon Fire TV Stick also supports games, in case if the children in your house have not found the feature already. With your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can play games like Mahjong, Basketball Hoop Toss, or Volleyball 3D etc. To find those games, you have to go to Apps > Games on the main menu or press the mic button on your Amazon Fire TV remote and just say "Search for game apps."

Amazon Fire TV Stick is portable

If you need to travel somewhere often or move to another country for work purposes or just travel, you don't need to purchase another Amazon Fire TV device that is working great with any region's devices. Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4k version work flawlessly in over 75 countries.

You have to change settings to access Amazon Firestick TV anywhere. What you have to do is to Manage Your Content and Devices option. open the Settings tab > Go to the section named as "Country Settings," and select "Change" next to your current country, Now enter your new address, choose your current country, and select Update. Once it is updated, The Firestick TV will be accessible to you.

Mirror your smartphone on Fire TV stick

Like other streaming devices, Amazon Fire TV Stick will also let you mirror your smartphone on television. All you have to do is to make sure both your smartphone and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and your devices are within 30 feet. Now, keep pressing and hold down the Home button on the Firestick TV remote and select the Mirroring icon to mirror your smartphone on the screen.

Take your TV with yourself

Since the Fire TV Stick is an "all in one" package of your content, traveling with this device in your bag is like traveling anywhere with your TV. You can watch your favorite TV show from anywhere in the world. What you have to do is simply remove it from your TV and plug it into any compatible TV (what have an HDMI port, though nowadays almost every TV has an HDMI port) to gain instant access to your favorite videos. Though there are some apps like Jio TV, Airtel TV to watch television channels, but if you want to access content based platforms like Netflix, Voot etc, you must need to carry Amazon TV Firestick.