Do you know the fact that typing faster can helps you to become more productive? Even it can save your time by 21 days each year if you blog daily just by typing faster! Many bloggers want to type faster as they can and wish that if they could type more quickly like a pro. Even 12 years ago, I had seen my elder brother, who could type so fast, and I had to struggle to find words on the keyboard.

As time passes by, I learned to type faster. And now, to be honest, I can type fast enough to maintain my blog. I can write 3000+ words per day. It is not an overnight process. I have to practice a lot to reach as I am today. So, do you want to know how you will be able to type faster? I will show you 12 kickass tricks in this article for typing faster. Here are those tips and techniques:
12 Kickass Tips And Tricks To Type Faster

Work on Your Comfortable Workplace

Many bloggers believe that faster and proper typing will start when you will be able to master the keyboard. But the fact is you need to start work in a suitable workplace that is clean, ventilated, and comfortable. Also, for faster typing, you need a table. The monitor should be placed in your eye level, neither below nor above that. It would be best if you did not place your laptop or tablet on your lap. If you are working for a long time continuously, make sure that you're comfortable with your computer and posture.

Fix Your Posture Properly

If you want to type faster, the proper posture is crucial, straight-backed, and your feet will be planted a little bit apart and flat. Your wrists have to be positioned so that all of your fingers can cover and control the entire keyboard. For a perfect posture, you have to tilt your head a little bit as you can look at the screen properly as well. Adjust your office chair in a position so that you can easily play with the seat and get a perfect posture.

Make Your Posture Steady

It is also essential that you should maintain this position/posture while you type. Ensure that your posture is perfect, and it will help you avoid getting aches on your wrists. These aches can be an obstacle so that it can be a way of making you slower and keeping your typing slower. Keep your backbone and shoulders away from bending, and even while you will relax, it should be your primary goal as you are working, make sure to stay upstanding.

Be Familiar Yourself with Keyboard

The keyboard is your primary tool here, one of the main input devices. So you should need to get to know about it very well. The good thing is that most of the keyboards in the market use the same layout; the QWERTY layout. It is called QWERTY that because of the letters, those are arranged consecutively placed in the top left corner. So, you have to work on memorizing the positions of the letter keys and some of the most used punctuation marks. The benefit of this era is that we all use touch screen smartphones; whatever the price is, from basic to flagship, they use the same keyboard. And we all use WhatsApp. So, while typing on a smartphone, we get familiar with the positions of those keys. Now you have to practice typing without looking at the keyboard. This is an essential way you can learn to type faster.

Close Your Eyes and Press the Keys And Shout It Loud

Another fantastic way to type faster is to know very well about the position of all the letters. You have to look away from your keyboard, press them, and watch directly at the monitor. Then, try to pronounce the keys as you press them and make sure that you're correct. This step will help you memorize the position of the keys, and it can easily help you to type even faster.

Get Habituated with Touch-Typing

Your typing speed will develop as you keep typing continuously, and it is a matter of improving your typing skill over time. However, the easiest way to typing fast will be touch typing. Touch typing is a process where you might spend a lot of time to acquire this step. However, when you will be able to type without looking at the keyboard, your speed will automatically increase. This method of typing fast sounds a little bit crazy, but you'll improve over the time. Touch typing can help you to reach higher speeds of typing and master your keyboard.

Stick with keyboard without Looking at Your Hands

The basic concept of this step is to keep yourself apart from looking at your keyboard while you are typing so that your fingers will be ready to type faster and will be able to know how the keys work and where the keys are. Though you may find this process can slow down your speed when you start, you have to stick to it to become a good typist.

Practice, Practice And Keep Practicing

There is a proverb- "Practice can make you perfect." I believe it. Acquiring the touch typing tricks well requires great attention, but once your posture is ideal for typing and you get your fingers where they actually should be, you can only improve your typing speed by practicing. The same thing happens to me!

In your leisure time, keep practicing typing on a regular basis to master your accuracy, and speed of typing. Practicing continuously, you will also notice that you make fewer errors with time. Whenever I start writing articles, it takes time to figure out where the keys are actually, but now I can type faster without watching the keyboard. I repeat- It takes time. You can't master speed overnight. Only practice can help you to reach that position.

Some Online Games Can Help You

Some websites can help you to practice typing. They will give you marks and record your words per minute, so you can try to improve yourself by creating a new record every time, and here, on these platforms, you can compete with others. Here are some of the websites to practice typing:,,, etc. Check these sites. These are basically a kind of game. Hopefully, those sites will help you to practice typing enough. 

Dictation Practice

When I was not a blogger or content writer, I didn't know what to type on notepad or MS-Word. Here is another alternative way to practice typing is to listen to something and type what you hear the words. It is basically unlimited. You can hear many podcasts and practice yourself continuously; this process is even better for me, it's a kind of fun. I enjoyed this. So, get a podcast, an online lecture, or you can take help from a talk show and type. Even a television show can help you as well, but it will be tough for beginners as they can't simply match the pace.

Track Your Improvement

Don't forget to keep tracking your record regularly so that you can get an idea about your progress. But the important thing is, don't be upset with how many words you can type in a minute. To be honest, I never measure the number of words I can type in a minute. I'm not lying. But you can see 8000+ blogposts also on my blog. Actually, it needs patience and consistency. Just make sure that you are comfortable while typing. Your word count per minute will definitely increase with time.

Get Formal Training From Any Institute/Online Course

Some offline institutes can train you to increase your ability to type faster. I know some of my friends who attended a typing training class and improved a lot. So, you have to search for this in your local area. It will be better if you take the help of the internet. There are so many beautifully designed courses that can help you to improve your typing skill. Here are two courses: and typing-lessons.orgboth are extremely good and very helpful for newbies. Last but not least, do expect typing faster just after finishing this article. It's just a basic guideline with some helpful resources so that you can typing faster. It needs time to improve yourself, I said again- it's not an overnight process. The best way is practice, practice, and practice. Practice can make you perfect.