In case if you have lost your remote or couldn’t find it, do not directly conclude to the choice of buying a new remote or a new Fire Stick. There is a list of similar options that helps you to connect to the Fire Stick TV without a remote. Since it is a portable device and you forgot to carry the remote along with you, in that case also you can adopt any of the following alternatives that I’m going to give you. After which you can enjoy streaming shows and movies as usual.

On a note, if you have actually lost your remote and couldn’t find it, read my other article on ‘What can I do if I lost my Fire Stick remote?’ to help find them. First thing, you wanted to connect the TV to your Wi-Fi before you can stream any videos. So, lets now see how you can connect your Fire Stick to the Wi-Fi without the help of a remote.
How can I access my Fire Stick without a remote?

Amazon Fire TV app

This choice is very helpful when you are outdoors or you have traveled to a different place and wanted to watch something. But then when you remember you have forgotten to take your remote along with you, you can go for this option. And is also the easiest way to move ahead.

Android users can download this app from the play store and iOS users can download this from the app store. It also supports the Fire Tablet and Fire phone. Make sure to download them from AMZN Mobile LLC, the true dealers of the app. Once installed, open the app and then you can a list of devices listed. Tap on your Fire TV device. Now on your Fire TV screen, you can see a 4-digit pin displayed. This is called the connection request code number. Enter the pin on your phone and there you go. Your mobile is paired with the TV and you can start using your phone as a remote for your TV.

The app has all the features as that of a physical remote. You can navigate and choose anything on Fire TV using your phone. Now go connect the Wi-Fi on your TV and start using. Remember the TV and your phone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi. This is the only requirement if you are using the app. If you were using an old Wi-Fi for the TV and wanted to change it to a new one, you can use this method. You can adopt this methodespecially when you are traveling somewhere and forgot to take your remote.

Use a TV remote

You can use your TV remote to connect it with Fire Stick. This is possible in both ways of vice versa i.e., you can control your Fire Stick with your TV remote and also your TV with the Fire Stick remote. Yes, you read it right. You will believe this when you get to know about the HDMI CEC feature. The CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a feature of HDMI where it allows to control the HDMI devices by using one remote controller. So, a CEC enabled device can connect and control each other without any interruption. You can connect up to 15 devices like this. The main idea is allowing a TV and an HDMI device to operate under a single remote.

Although the TVs’ do not have it by default, you have to enable it in the Settings corner. Most of the TVs that came after 2002 have this CEC compliant feature installed in them. Though the CEC feature is not called by its name, the installed ones have their own ID set up by their brands. So, if your TV supports the HDMI-CEC feature, enable the feature and then you can control it using the same remote and start using. Though now you can’t enjoy the voice features of your device, you get to control the navigations like a remote.

Use an Echo

This is the latest feature that was introduced recently around last summer. If you have an echo and Alexa device, you can use the Alexa voice control feature to control your Fire Stick TV. With this Echo feature introduced, users will be able to integrate all the Amazon devices into the Amazon ecosystem. Pair up your Echo with your Fire Stick and now you are all set to start using it without a remote using the voice features.

Another Fire TV remote

In case if your friends or neighbor owns a Fire Stick TV, you can borrow their remote for a while. Then pair it with your Fire Stick TV and can start using it as usual. This method can be applied only when there is a need to stream something so badly. Connect your Fire Stick to the respective Wi-Fi and then you can return back the remote once done. If you have issues with pairing, you can check for ways to solve those issues. This method will be helpful only if the one who lent you the remote is currently not using it. But still, it works, right? So take this under your choices.

In spite of all the above options, if your Fire Stick still doesn’t still work with these, you can go buy a replacement remote. Read my article ‘Can you just buy the Fire Stick remote’ to know more about it. It is best to buy it only on the Amazon website. Amazon leaves you with a default option to buy a replacement remote. But there will not be a need. Any one of the above methods will surely work for your Fire Stick TV. I hope you found the suggestions to be useful. If you have any other ideas on how to access a Fire Stick without a remote, then you can share it with us. Choose one and start streaming.