There are various reasons you may decide to use an unknown number when calling people. As much as it does not sound good, it makes sense. It is not a must to reveal your phone number to everyone you are communicating with. You can use unknown numbers when creating an online dating account, reaching out to car dealers, or using your phone to return work calls. The best thing is that you have multiple ways of hiding your phone number when making calls. You can use short term 'burner' contacts, caller ID blocking, and virtual cellphone lines. Here is how you can go about using an unknown number to reach out to anyone via a phone call.
How Do You Call Someone From An Unknown Number

Using Anonymous "Burner" Number

You can use temporary disposable contacts such as a burner when making anonymous calls. All you need is a browser or an app to get things done. The burner is available for both Android and iOS users. With this, you will get 60texts and 20 talk time minutes free for a whole week. To extend the service, you will be required to purchase new burner contacts and credits. There are various types of burners you can opt with different costs and offers. A mini burner will cost you 3 credits or $1.99 for 2 weeks or 60 texts or 20 minutes. You can enjoy any of those. With a standard burner, you will get either 150 texts or 50 minutes or 30 days with 5 credits or $3.98. You can purchase unlimited calls and messages for a whole month with $4.99 or 8 credits (pay $47.99 to enjoy yearly services). If you want to share pictures, you can purchase a photo burner package with $4.99 and get 50 minutes, 100 texts for a month. You have a wide range of variety to choose from depending on your needs.

Using a Free Private Number

If you want a long-term permanent solution when calling with an unknown number, try Google Voice. With this service, you can make unlimited calls within the United States. You will also enjoy plenty of services for free like voicemails, do not disturb, and call screening, among others. All you need to utilize this service is an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. You can download Google Voice Application for free available for both Android and iOS. You can as well decide to forward the Google Voice texts and calls to your real contact. When making outbound calls using this App, only your Google voice contact will appear and not your phone number.

Block Outbound Caller ID

You can decide to block the outbound ID when you want to save you disposable number minutes. You can do so by visiting the call settings on your phone and switch it off. If you are using digital services, you can adjust the software in your phone management to block the caller ID. Also, you may dial *67 and then the number you wish to call on your regular phone or landline. You have to include the country code in both. With this, your contact will show as unavailable. You can choose to block your contact permanently on a landline, iPhone, and Android phones. But this can be a bad idea since some users automatically block unknown incoming calls. Some individuals will never answer calls with hidden ID.

Reasons You May Decide an Unknown Number

One reason as to why you may use an unknown number is to ensure safety from spammers and scammers. There are various reasons you may want to hide your number. When you receive calls from unknown numbers, you will be interested to identify the person. The worst of all is that you can put yourself in a position to receive more irritating calls by following up. This is why you have to hide your contact before communicating with people you feel insecure with. You can hide your contact to keep your information and identity private. Apart from this, unknown calls will help you avoid interruptions. Here are some of the instances you may hide your contact.

When Calling a Number That You Do Not Know

You must have been in a situation where you want to call back someone that you don't recognize. You may receive a call from a stranger for a few seconds and the call ends with no message. Not all the time does this signify scammers? It might be a robocall from your credit card company. You may miss important information by ignoring the call. But at the same time, picking the call can be dangerous. This is why you should hide your number in case you want to confirm these calls.

To Stay Out of the "Call Lists"

There are various risks associated with sharing your contacts with third-parties. This is why you should avoid calling back suspicious numbers. Once you contact these entities, your number will be listed and used for various purposes some of which can be unpleasant. Some companies earn extra cash by selling your number to advertisers. You can choose to contact your phone providers to block this kind of access. Alternatively, you may go to your phone's OS and block unknown contacts. However, you can reverse the changes whenever you wish.

To Stay Away From Hackers

Hackers pose a persistent and unique threat when it comes to sharing your contacts online. Leave alone robocalls that are annoying. One way hackers will use to attack you with their phishing schemes is by accessing your phone number. They will use your number when signing up for different services for verification reasons. With this, you can land to problems in case of illegal activities that approve secretive accounts such as your mobile carries. To avoid all these issues, keep your contacts private whenever contacting people you are not comfortable with.


You can use various ways to contact someone without revealing your identity. You may ask why call someone yet you do not want them to know you. There are many reasons you may do so. All in all, you want to maintain your identity and ensure safety. You can use free or paid services to ensure anonymity when calling people with your phone.