It is common to receive phone calls from an unknown or unfamiliar number. Although picking the call to confirm the call may seem easier, it might be a bad idea. Most people just ignore these types of calls. After all, if someone has to talk to you he or she will leave a message. However, sometimes you may feel curious to know the caller. What of when you are expecting an important call from your doctor or potential boss? For such reasons, you will need to find ways of differentiating important calls from those of spammers.
How Do You Find Out Who Is Calling?
Spammers are also using technology to lure you into picking calls from unknown sources. Why should you avoid hidden calls and they have your number? Keep in mind that all spammers want is knowing whether your phone is active. Only by this can they use your contact to enrich themselves.

As much as it might tempting to pick unfamiliar calls, keep in mind that it is not safe. However, you can tell these people and know which calls are worth your time. With these five expert options, you can tell the identity of the person calling on the other hand.

Use Google

Google has always been a good friend when you need information about anything. From health habits to relationships, these platforms will help you find solutions to anything. You can as well use it to determine that caller who usually calls with hidden numbers. You can type the contact on Google and see the results. You will find information on who owns the phone number. To see more details like the address, you must visit the result's website pages. Keep in mind that you might have to pay for this level. One drawback of this method is that it is not always correct and you may fail to get any result on your searches.

Reverse Cellphone Lookup

This is the easiest way you can use to telling who keeps calling you with anonymous numbers. In just a few minutes, you can obtain all the necessary information to determine your callers. All you need to do is typing the unknown contact and wait for scanning. Form their multiple records, you will be able to trace the person calling you with private numbers. To get your results quicker, use sites that focus on contact lookups. Visit platforms like National Cellular Directory and know whether it is the right time to pick that call you have been anticipating for. A time you can enjoy offers where you will receive the service with no pay.

Use Social Media

A phone number lookup on social platforms is another option to discover the identity of private callers. Facebook is the easiest platform in which you can perform such a search. If you type a given number in the Facebook search bar, you can find details on who owns that particular number. However, that number needs to be associated with Facebook for you to get results. You can also find information if the number has ever been posted on Facebook posts.

Use spam Call Sites

Spam call sites are another place where you can get data on phone calls without identity. You are not the first one to receive calls from people who hide their identities. Most people who receive spam calls may sometimes report to these platforms. If someone had already reported the private number calling you, you will find it in the spam calls website. Some of the spam call platforms that you can rely on include Mr. Number, Every Caller and Should I answer. 


You can use this app to identify hidden callers before picking your calls. With TrueCaller, you will have all the caller's data displayed for you when your phone is ringing. It does not matter whether you do not have that particular number on your phonebook. You will always get information on anyone reaching out to you via a phone call. Another good thing with this app is that you can use it to block unwanted calls. TrueCaller is available for Android and iOS users.

How Can You Block Private Calls

Receiving nuisance calls from anonymous numbers is annoying. This is why you should block these numbers. Think of someone calling you while enjoying your lunch and does not want to reveal his or her identity? You have the solution on your smartphone. Most phone has inbuilt features that allow you to block messages and incoming calls from private numbers. If you do not know how to go about it, learn from here.


The steps to take when blocking someone using your phone may vary depending on the type of your phone. However, the steps are almost the same as most Android brands. Open your phone app and tap more for call settings and then rejection. Click the auto reject list and buckle the Unknown alternative. You have blocked all hidden contacts! You can download Android apps if you do not have this option on your cellphone.


The process involved here is a bit different from the Android one. In this, visit settings and toggle the Do Not Disturb option. Once you turn this option on, choose to receive calls from people on your phonebook.


You might be triggered to pick calls from an unknown number, it will be safe if you determine who is contacting you before picking. It can be hackers who will take advantage of your data and land you to problems. Sometimes it might be your ex whom you have been ignoring try to trick you. No matter what, the consequences might be unbearable. This is why you need to be cautious. To avoid being in dangerous situations, try to identify anonymous callers before opting to receive your calls. Moreover, there is no need to keep guessing each time you receive hidden calls. Use the methods above to unmasking anyone who might be playing tricks on your via phone calls.