As the first-ever firestick was introduced by the United Kingdom and the United States of America in the year 2014. Nowadays due to the introduction of nanotechnology to the world, technology is growing rapidly and devices are getting smaller and smaller. Because of nanotechnology we watch multiple international shows and use a variety of applications at the fingertips. One of such types of technology is firestick. 

What is Firestick all about?

This is a new device that can join the ranks of home entertainment with live streaming technology. The Firestick can give you access to your most favorite TV shows, Exciting Movies, soothing Music, bright photos, and games and stuff, and all this just by plugging it into your TV sets. This Fire TV stick is easily transportable. Pendrive containing all of your exciting content, So you can carry your media everywhere and every time you need it! Can you imagine being able to carry your TV sets with you even when you on your favorite places on vacation, this is what you get with this Fire TV Stick? 
How many Gigabytes (GB) does the Firestick can consume?
This can house all your contents right from videos to photos to even games and such other exciting stuff and is entirely portable. So this is simple, just remove your device and take it along with you when you travel. You just have to plug it into any compatible TV to gain instant and entire access to all of your stuff. Firestick may be as small as a pen drive but one question comes in everyone's mind that does it causes more electricity and internet charges?

How many Gigabytes (GB) does the Firestick can consume?

We all agree to the fact that the Firestick works with the help of the internet to stream live videos, movies, TV shows, etc. So when it comes to the gigabyte (GB) usage by Firestick, technically it varies from person to person. Some of the factors that contribute to more data or internet usage can be the quality of the video. If an individual chooses to watch a high-quality video of 4K then it will consume more data usage than the standard quality of the video. 

It also depends on the duration of the video or movie an individual is watching. But according to the "into window" survey, if an individual chooses to watch the standard quality videos on firestick it will nearly consume about 900Mb per hour. And an average if an individual watches videos of the best quality it will consume data of average 3.5GB whereas if an individual watches videos of 4K quality it will consume about 6GB data per hour. As per the guidelines, the firestick has the power to ingest your instructions on data and video quality allowance.

But all the people out there have the common question that does Firestick consume data even when not in use?

As we all know that the connection of firestick is with the HDMI port. Now this HDMI port is located either at the back or at the side of the TV. So many times it is unnoticeable. But unfortunately, there is a lack of guidelines about how much the Firestick consumes when it is not in use. So we can have a rough conclusion that Firestick may consume some data even when not in use. However, if the connection of Firestick is completely turned off, then it goes without saying that it won't consume more data connection. But if it is left on than Firestick may consume some amount of data.

Can you try to reduce data usage consumed by Firestick?

As many continuously people add a query that "Does the Firestick automatically turns off when the TV us off?" The answer will be absolute "Yes". If there is no power supply to the TV, automatically there will be a power supply given to the firestick that is connected to the TV. There are typically two ways to reduce data usage by the firestick.

So the very first way to reduce the data usage consumed by the firestick is to turn off the TV or firestick when not in use. The second way will be to watch the streaming videos, movies in low quality so low data will be consumed. To do the second step, one can use the following steps:

Open Menu > Select the Display and Sound Video Resolution option > Tap on the lower resolution option.

To know more details about how much data is consumed by the firestick, follow the following steps:

Tap on settings > Select preference > Choose data monitoring option > Then click toggle ON

Therefore this one simple and a very convenient little device and immense capabilities of its own! 

Strengths of Firestick:

Here are the Fire stick's benefits and strengths (what we call it as the "3 P's")

Power: You can play 720P and 1080P movies and even high quality streaming videos.

Portability: Firestick is a little device that can even fit in your pocket or even in a very small compartment of your backpack!

Price: All of these benefits of Firestick with such an inexpensive price, you can't beat that even with a stick!


As in today's world, having a television is not enough. Because no one wants to spend their most precious and valuable time surfing between hundreds of channels on the television cable manually. Instead, people do rather choose to watch their favorite shows. In this era of technology, everyone is used to such technologies such as Firestick. Firestick is one of the greatest technologies that make a normal TV into smart TV. 

Even though firestick has a high powered program but unfortunately it has some limitations. But there are some Firestick’s drawback is that it can consume more data usage. For this, an individual has to always have a check on the amount of data usage by the firestick. And when the firestick is not in use it needs to be turned off, so that no heavy data usage occurs. So if an individual is using firestick on the cellular data, then more data charges may occur. Also if firestick is used for the long hours it can be overheated.