Who doesn't enjoy watching TV? Aside from a cellphone TV is probably the first gadget most people start operating from a younger age, though age is no bar when it comes to the entertainment sources that are provided by a TV as From a toddler to a grandparent everyone gets addicted to watching and enjoying TV, from cartoons to dramas, animal documentaries, and news a TV caters to the entertainment needs of all viewers.

And before pricy smart TVs that took over with their advanced ability to use apps and the internet non-smart TVs were present in every household though they cannot access wifi or run apps like a smart TV, you, however, get a panel through which you can attach a set-top box also known as cable box which contains a TV-tuner input and displays output to a TV set using a signal as an external source and watch movies by attaching a pen drive. But a Non-smart TV can easily be turned into a smart TV using a fire stick.
How Does A Firestick Work On A Non-Smart TV?

Why use a Firestick on a Non-Smart TV?

A fire stick with a size that is no bigger than a USB is a media streaming device that once plugged into the TV lets you install apps, play videos and music on your TV and also gives it an android/ Apple ecosystem. The plugging process is pretty simple and the compact device comes with a micro-USB slot that can be used to charge the device and consists of its volume controller remote.  The remote can be easily connected to Bluetooth as well and used without any hurdles.

A fire stick also streams in HD and is capable of working even on 1mbps plans. Everything on the internet such as Netflix or Amazon Prime can be accessed through it along with preinstalled apps such as Hotstar, Sony Liv, Airtel Movies, Jio Cinema, Netflix, Gaana, Prime Music, and many others for entertainment, also if the internet connection availability is good you will be able to watch YouTube tutorials for educational as well as entertainment purposes.

On top of it all, a Firestick also comes with parental settings so you can control what the children are watching. The fire stick works quickly and has an interface (including the voice search) that is incredibly fast, and also gives easy access to move across apps that you use regularly.

A fire stick can also be used to play games of your choice and also sideload android apps according to your liking. It is also easy for users to keep an eye on their data consumption through Fire Stick using the data monitoring feature as it enables the users to select the viewing quality of their choice to manage the data use.

While configuring the Fire Stick alerts the user before the data exceeds the limit, this feature is one among the many incredible features provided by the fire stick. Hence, a fire stick with ease provides a quick opportunity to cause a great and enjoyable transformation to your Non-smart TV so you can pick an entertainment source of your choice.

Making a Firestick work on a Non-Smart TV:

Turning a non-smart TV smart into a smart TV at a cheaper price undoubtedly sounds good, but, how should one go about the whole setup process?

Make sure your TV has an HD (High Definition) or UHD (Ultra High Definition) display and an HDMI port, also, to get the Firestick working properly having a  wireless internet connection is a necessity, at least 10 Mbit/s is recommended for the best video viewing experience and you'll need a pair of AAA batteries for the TV stick remote as well as an Amazon account. It isn't necessary to be a prime member either, simply create an account and then connect the Firestick with the USB power adapter and then connect the device into a power outlet all the while making sure that it is on.

Once that is done connect the  Firestick to the HDMI port (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) which is responsible for transmitting uncompressed video data of audio as well as a video interface and is located on the back of your non-smart TV. Then choose an input for your TV that matches the HDMI port. After you are done choosing a proper display a Firestick logo will appear on your screen.

Proceed by pairing your Firestick remote with your Non-Smart TV (It should be done automatically as soon as you put the batteries in) in case it doesn't pair, you should hold the button of the remote marked as ‘HOME’ to start.

Then follow the step by step instructions given on-screen for connecting the Firestick to your home Wi-Fi network (it can be any Wi-Fi of your choice as long as it is capable of providing a good signal).

Lastly, registering your Firestick to your Amazon account is important as after doing that you'll be able to use your Firestick. But if the TV lacks an HDMI port only standard definition image quality will be visible and the screen mirroring will not be as good but you can use a composite converter to help you out to a certain extent, though there is no way this problem can be completely sorted out because you're only making an analog connection and the adapter can only mimic an HDMI port, but it isn't equipped with the features to improve the TV's image quality.

Aside from this, with an HDMI port lacking TV you may have issues with the signal as you may be getting an unreliable and inconsistent signal depending on the model of your non-smart TV. But A TV that has HD definition and HDMI ports even if it happens to be a Non-smart model will be able to provide a nice picture quality with a much better viewing experience.


Investing in a fire stick is a far easier and cheaper option than buying an entirely new Smart TV when you can get the feeling of a smart TV on your regular non-smart TV and enjoy the entertainment it provides.