These days going digital is so common. From webinars to online shopping, watching movies digitally to payment online all have changed our way of living. Everything has been done digitally and also you can search easily by asking questions to Google. As in the lockdown period, we all have been busy searching for what to do at home sitting free and a very interesting option of web series and binge-watching of our favorite shows, Firestick has played a very important role in our lives in keeping us engaged. This has been a great option to install apps, play games, watch movies, and TV shows. However, after downloading more apps and other stuff there will be a low storage problem on your firestick. To discuss more on low storage here are few points to focus on:
Why Does My Firestick Say No Storage?

1. Reason for No storage

For enjoying the firestick experience it must have free storage to install your favorite applications. No storage is a problem while watching your favorite one. It can be due to more applications on the device that causes lagging of device or creating problem while to install other items on the firestick. An unwanted application has unwanted data to slow your device and other useless items. One can delete the extra or useless application on the firestick to go smoothly with your enjoyment. On the other hand, the device didn't have any external storage to resolve the problem.

2. What to do?

Without panicking just go to the main menu of your Firestick settings then to manage application and then look at that additional or useless application storage, file size, and cache if they are taking more space on your device, uninstall those applications. Also can clean your folder with ES file explorer and can create a separate partition for the movies, TV shows, and games. So that your firestick will not remind you of full storage and you can easily enjoy the application and other stuff. One can also reset the low storage message that always appears on your screen when the device got connected. It will help you to get rid of the latter problem. After having to free up space one can easily get connected to the favorite show or game.

3. Firestick storage

These devices that help us connect to our favorite shows, web series, and games contain mainly internal storage. Their external storage is not available as such we have both external and internal storage in our mobile phones. Firestick contains approximately 8GB out of which 4.5GB is the internal storage and no external storage on the device. Another thing is to keep in mind that device storage depends mainly on the different manufacturers or companies. While having no external storage on the device can let you create a problem, as when you are having extra applications on your device.

4. Creating additional space

When we want more space on our device we can use USB Drive for additional applications. USB drives can connect to the TV directly and the firestick allows it to do so. Another option is to have an SD card slot that contains 8GB on the device storage. Through these ways, one can have more space other than firestick storage to enjoy your favorite channels, shows, and games. Just you have to take time to resolve your storage problems to have a better experience of your device. The above mentioned two ways can be much fruitful for one to install more wanted applications on the device.

5. More about firestick

After resolving the storage problems on the device one can easily watch various channels such as Netflix, Disney+hotstar, Amazon Prime, and others. Amazon firestick supports the Amazon store too. One must be having an Amazon account to enjoy the firestick so to enjoy the Amazon shows, web series, and other stuff online. Another benefit of the Amazon firestick is that it can also connect to your phone easily just you need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection to connect on the phone directly. One can easily watch her favorite shows where ever he wants to, as in India when we are having members to watch on the big screen.

6. New firestick by Amazon

There are various new features on the newly upgraded firestick by Amazon one can easily speak or audio control on it's remote by saying Alexa just do this for me and various storage solutions to the users to solve their complaint of storage problem by Amazon. From time to time companies use to modify their devices to upgrade their features too. With the running period, we all will move faster with the digital revolution they have made into our lives.


As we all know these devices more from moving with time. A Firestick is a streaming device or can say a virtual device that connects our TV and mobile phone and also called as Amazon firestick. It is an Amazon product that connects only when you have created an Amazon account to work on your television and mobile phone. This has various channels and applications to install and games to play on. You have to pay charges when not a prime member. When we are having a lot to watch and explore, we need more space for installation and to do other activities than our device can show us or remind us of being out of storage message. 

Then we can use various hacks to resolve our problem such as uninstalling the excess application, adding an SD card, and using USB Drive to get more space on the device to explore your stuff more easily. Every device we use has storages such as external and internal ones. As time will go on and on we all will be having new technologies and digital media and modes that will overcome our lives and lifestyle together. As with the above-mentioned device, we can easily enjoy sitting at home in these crucial times of running pandemic too.