Nowadays receiving spam and scam calls is a common thing. Most people find it hard to answer these types of calls since they come as "unknown". However, it is hard to distinguish whether it is a scammer calling or an essential call from your doctor or kid's school office. The whole situation can be worse in case you are waiting for a client to call or expecting a job offer. For this reason, you may need to find a way to identify which calls are genuine and the one to avoid. Another thing is that you cannot block scammers without accessing their numbers. The best thing is that you have multiple ways to identify blocked and unknown numbers. Use these tracing techniques to unmask the anonymity of scam and spam callers.
How Can You Identify An Unknown Caller?

Dialing *69

You might have used or come across *67 as a way of hiding your number when calling someone. Are you aware that there are other numbers you can use to unmask anonymous callers? You can dial *69 and trace the last number that called you. You may use this method to uncover hidden or unknown calls. You will access the information telling you the contact and the particular time you received the call. If you find out that it is not a genuine caller, block the contact to avoid receiving such calls in the future.

Dialing *69 can also give you an option to contact the hidden number right away. With this, you can confront the spam or scam caller when you want. However, removing yourself from their contact list or getting more details about them will challenge you.

You can as well us *57 to trace hidden and unknown numbers. This is the best way to unmask unknown callers who might be frustrating you. You will get access to the call information and phone contact as with *69. But *57 will give you more details. This method gets you connected with the police and they can trace and arrest whoever is frustrating you with calls. You should inform the police after dialing *57 so that they can follow up. 

Use this number when you feel like the anonymous caller is calling too often, otherwise, *69 is enough to solve your problems. Keep in mind that you may incur additional charges when using these two numbers. Also, some phone providers do not offer these services. Confirm if you can use these tracing services with your phone provider.

Contact your Cellphone Provider

The whole idea of contacting your cellphone provider is to find information on whether they provide tracing codes. If you want quick assistance to get rid of consistent spammers, contact your service provider for caller ID information. You can as well ask for information about hidden caller ID. With this, you can block spammers without paying for subscription services. You may be required to provide some information by your phone company. This includes the exact date and time that you received the call. They can then contact the person and tell them to stop contacting you or block the caller automatically.

Using an App

There are several applications you can use to identify blocked or unknown callers. TrapCall is the common app you may use to trace anonymous contacts. This application is available for Android and iOS devices. With TrapCall, you can identify hidden calls and the best thing is that it can automatically block spammers. You will receive notification about all the blocked numbers. You can set yourself free from unknown numbers by subscribing to a monthly plan. 

Enjoy your first 7 days free with TrapCall. You can then subscribe to $3.95 or $7.95 and get access to a premium monthly package. With the premium package, you can record all incoming calls and receive notification whether you are dealing with a genuine caller according to the state's laws. You can also use other caller ID applications such as truecaller to know hidden numbers. You may use the silent feature in your phone to block unwanted calls. The location of this feature will depend on the phone you are using. Visit settings and locate the Silent Unknown Callers and set it on. 

Best Applications to Unmask Unknown Callers 


This application reveals hidden incoming calls. Another thing is that it will notify you against undesirable calls through the spam list based on community. You will interact with over 250 million individuals across the world. With Live Caller ID, you can identify callers that are not in your phonebook. All you need is a Wi-Fi or 3G internet connection to use Truecaller.


You can use this free app to tell the identity of anyone calling you with hidden contact. NumBuster has several features tailored to help you unmask annoying callers. For instance, you may search information about any suspicious contacts across the globe. You can create your profile and comment on any SMS sender or caller. The best thing is that this app does not feature ads.


With this app, you can automatically manage all calls according to your choice. It has amazing features that will help you recognize any callers contacting you. You can hear a computer pronunciation of the name of your call. You can receive details of anyone who called you via an email.


The objective of identifying anonymous numbers is to choose genuine ones from those which might violate your rights. You have many ways to go about it. With some devices such as the iPhone, you may automatically block unknown contacts. You can also use features like Silence Unknown Caller. With this, all anonymous callers will move to voicemail and show up in the current calls list, your phone will not ring when you get calls from unknown numbers. Use the above option to unmask hidden contacts and block those you find unnecessary. You can choose to block all unknown callers. Whichever step you will take, it is about your safety and avoiding annoyance.