iPhone hotspot for internet connectivity is an amazing idea. Whenever problems arise it ends up in huge disappointment. There are lots of uses for an iPhone for its unique security features and common stuff like music, emails, videos, and movies. iPhone hotspot connected to Firestick is a good alternative for the standard Wi-Fi. iPhone has a high capacity for dragging the network service. iPhone is best known for its high-security configurations. The devices like fire sticks are also works on the iPhone hotspot. So let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone hotspot connected to the fire stick.
Can I Use My iPhone As A Hotspot For Firestick?

iPhone hotspot

iPhone runs on the ios operating system. They are highly secured and fewer chances of getting hacked. There are 3 methods in connecting iPhone hotspots. By Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi. Hotspots are sometimes reliable and sometimes not. So if you have a 4g device it would pick up decent signals. Your hotspot can easily turn into a cold spot when you share your networks with other devices. Moreover, a hotspot with Firestick connected can consume a large amount of data allowance. That you needed to keep a check on the data limits. A hotspot is a technology that is used in modern times for sharing data or networks among devices wireless. Without a hotspot in this fast world, we cannot surf through the internet that easy. So mobile hotspots are sometimes reliable to us. 


Firestick is a small device like a flash drive that enables us to show the contents on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney plus, hot star, and much more. This device has a small remote control and the latest feature of voice over includes Alexa service. This device is connected to the HDMI port of the TV. When the fire stick is connected to the TV in fractions of seconds it turns into a smart TV. The fire stick is an easy way to turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV. Which streams all the contents you need. Firestick can throw you varieties of movies, game shows, TV shows, series, and much more. Not only the movies it enables music and games. Games can be played on your TV isn’t that sound cool? The fire stick with the latest versions has voice control so that is easy to access, effortlessly from the place where you are. The additional features or apps can be installed in Firestick and enjoy your time.   

Problems on iPhone hotspot connected to Firestick

There are several steps to be followed to overcome the problems of this connection. Here is a guide to steps to be followed.

Restart the devices

Restart the iPhone or you can shut down and make it on again. Then pull out the fire stick from the power plugin and then plugin again. So both devices are restarted.

Check both devices are fully up-to-date

It is a must to check the fire sticks operation is updated. To check go to settings- my fire TV- about. Same similar steps for the iPhone operation system navigate to settings- general- software update.

Refresh fire stick

Just delete all Wi-Fi connections stored in memory. Start afresh connection. You should make a new connection as follows.

  1. Settings- network- forget all previous connections.
  2. Then connect to iPhone SSID and enter the password.
  3. Then select ‘advanced’ – enter as IP address.
  4. Then set gateway with prefix as 28 and
  5. Set as DNS.
  6. The final step is to blank the DNS2 and connect.

Connection error

Connectivity errors are often encountered for many reasons. It doesn’t matter whether you use a mobile hotspot or a regular Wi-Fi connection. Firestick loses its connectivity many times. When they are not in range, the device is too weak to attract signals and technical faults in the device. One of the best advices to tackle this situation is rebooting both the devices and reconnecting it. If that doesn’t work then check few more tips like below:

  1. Make sure the fire stick is not placed in an enclosed space.
  2. Recommended cables are to be used always and best to use the cables of the devices.
  3. Password input should be checked.
  4. Unplug the fire stick from TV and plugin again.

Firestick losing internet connection

The common problem arising now is internet connectivity is lost in many firesticks. To overcome this case, a good idea is investing in Wi-Fi boosters. The VPNs are also added to the fire stick, the latest is on purchase are TP-link TL-WA850REN300, NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender EX 2700, TP-Link RE200 AC 750, and TP-Link TLWA854RE. This internet loss is due to poor Wi-Fi signals and not the latest software updated in devices. A factory reset can be a support mechanism that can help with this connectivity issue. To reset go to settings then click general and click reset. The steps above can help to overcome the issue.

Mirror connects Firestick with iPhone or iPad

If there is low internet access then your fire stick becomes a low performer. One of the unique features that ios offer is mirror screening the Firestick. This can be done without the internet also. But how is that possible? Yes, but installing the third-party apps. Using third-party apps you can screen the fire stick contents on your iPhone. Airscreen is a free amazon app that works on IOS. 


Can iPhone hotspot use with firestick? Yes, of course, it can be used. But there are certain factors like connectivity, data usage that is to be considered. One reason why the mobile hotspots are not used mostly, that is Firesticks consumes a large amount of data in your daily data pack to stream the high-resolution videos and movies. So when you connect the mobile hotspot to the stick set a data limit reminder to save the loss of data. One of the best features is that iPhone offers is you can mirror screen the fire stick contents. That’s the most welcoming feature for a few. Thus the view of the iPhone hotspot for firestick.