Many people have this doubt of screen recording other platform devices and then using it to their content, however what they do not know is that not all the streaming devices allow the screen recording software. Many people are indulged in this business of illegal screen recording and they think that they would be safe without any problem. However, that is a big delusion on their part and what they do not know is that they are committing the crime in one way by screen recoding on an illegal platform. 
Is Screen Recording On YouTube Illegal?
Some platform allows the user to record their screen while playing a video on the platform, however, other platforms do not allow to record their screen. Many people not knowing of this continue to record the screen on the streaming platform and then they are caught and punished in one way or the other. Many people get caught in this illegal scam and then they repent for it. We are here to solve this problem for you and make sure that you do not suffer from the same problem as other people. WE will tell you everything about the steaming platform guidelines and will tell you whether the streaming platform allows screen recording or not.

Screen recording on YouTube

The streaming platform that we are talking about is YouTube. While being the biggest streaming platform in the world, the rules of this streaming platform are very strict. YouTube follows a guideline of strict rules that will prevent people from misusing it in any way. YouTube took strict care of its audience and make sure that no one would be able to misuse the platform in any way. Due to this, the working of the platform is very strict when compared to the other platform. YouTube might or might not allow recording the screen based on their activities and what they intend to use the recorded video for.

Thousands of people do screen recording on YouTube every day. There are many reasons why they do so. Some of it for personal use while others do it for malicious purposes. The YouTube guideline makes sure to note what the person is doing with the recorded video and they solve it easily. YouTube does not prevent the user from recording the screen; however, it does look for who is using the video for which purpose. For example, if a person records a video on YouTube by screen recording, however, they use it for personal purposes only, such as viewing it offline, then there is no problem with that. 

YouTube does not take action for this problem and most of the time people can get rid of the trouble of being accounted for their problem. However, this is not the case every time. For example, if a person decides to use the recorded video for other purposes, such as uploading it on the same streaming platform and earn some money from it, or such as leaking it on the other website, then they will face the consequences for the action. YouTube will suspend their account and will take down the uploaded video on YouTube within 24 hours. The policy of YouTube is strict and it prevents people from misusing them under any circumstances.

YouTube has made it clear that they would not tolerate any malicious activity on their website and they will do everything under their control to stop the malicious use of their website and make their website perfect and safe for use to everyone. This is the reason why the plagiarism and the copyright issue for the YouTube wee reupdated and made more secure than before. Let us have a look at them.

Plagiarism and copyright issue on YouTube

Since the arrival of the screen recording software in android KitKat, many people have begun to use it. Some have used it for good purposes such as recording informative stuff not heir phone and later uploading them on some website. However, some people have a malicious mind and they use the screen recording software for a harmful purpose. They start to record the video on the streaming platform that is exclusive to them and then they upload it elsewhere. For example, many people have started it doing nowadays, they buy the streaming website premium such as Netflix, watch a show on it and record it by using the recording software. Then they upload the video on the YouTube platform and people watch it. 

This causes problems both to the person who created the stuff or series and the streaming platform. Both go at a loss due to this small mistake on the person’s part. This is an illegal act and many acts have been passed to stop it from occurring. Still, people in one way or another use it for their satisfaction and they gain many things from it. By uploading the series on YouTube, then get money due to the monetization policy of YouTube and they also gain subscribers from it. 

YouTube has been blamed for this on many occasions and this has caused YouTube to strengthen its plagiarism and copyright policy. the policy was strengthened and it made YouTube such that nobody would again misuse YouTube in one way to another. Let us see what was the update copyright and plagiarism law of the YouTube which made YouTube a better streaming platform across the world.
The copyright protection law has three sections in it that benefit the original creator of any video and punishes the plagiarism copy owner of the same video. Let us have a look at these sections.

Section 13: This section specifies the type of work that would qualify for the protection. Not all the work on YouTube is guaranteed for protection and this law states the type of work that will receive protection under the act.

Section 14: This section provides the right to the owner. The owner is the sole right holder of their work and they can give these rights to other people so that they could remake the work of the owner due to their permission.

Section 51: This section state that if someone tries to use the work of the owner without their permission then they are entitled to strict action against the law.