We use USB drives on a regular basis as it provides us a great and more convenient for sharing data over devices. It makes life and task much easier. Stop, wait a minute, do you ever think that this convenience also brings malware and virus to your system. If your USB flash drive is infected with the malware and virus then not only you lose your files or data, plus, this will also attack the privacy or security of your system once the USB driver gets plugged-in. Hence, it is very crucial to keep your system safe from the viruses or malware which enters your system via USB Flash drives. Preventive measures are always better than a cure. So, here we are to teach you about some tips or preventive measures that will help you a lot in keeping your system safe from the infected USB drives. Stay focused to know everything in detail!
Tips To Keep Secure From Being Infected Via USB Port
With the continual growth of technology, we have just forgotten the old methods which are really helpful or effective. So, check out these below-mentioned methods to keep your system safe from the threat removable media virus or malware. 

Turn Off Autorun

One of the most basic tools which are used to infect USB drives and so on the same used to infect computers as well is - Windows AutoRun. However, it is completely vice-versa from AutoPlay, which automatically begins your media player and plays your video or audio files such as a DVD or CD. AutoRun performs things like begin installers when USB media is connected to the system in anyways. Though these kinds of stuff can also run manually from Windows Explorer and similarly if your malware or virus needs to be performed manually as well, then there is a very little chance to get your system infected. 

Check USB Drives Before Using It

Another tip that could help you a lot in terms of keeping your system safe from the threat of removable media malware is - check every USB drive before actually using it. So for checking the USB drive you need a reliable source that can help you in ensuring the safety of your IT sources. Keep the system isolated from any network so it can't be able to transfer any virus or malware on validated media over the network. Make sure to run malware scans frequently and automatically to make a secure connection. Apparently, keep in mind that no other unwanted program is running thus, it reduces the chances to get the system infected from malware. 

Keep Your USB Drivers Updated

Another crucial point that keeps your safe and along with the security, it set-up an encrypted connection. We all know that drivers are way essential in keeping system or hardware devices appropriately. The same methodology goes for the USB as well. So, if your USB drivers are corrupted, old, broken, and missing then it will create a lot of troubles. Moreover, this reduces the security of the system or even USB as well. Thus, it becomes easier for attackers to enter our system. That's the reason which makes a USB driver update necessity. Because new drivers enhance the security of the system or even USB as well by adding more and robust security patches to the system. Hence, always make sure to keep USB drivers updated. Or, in some rare cases, the updating drivers is not enough to fix the issue so in that rare case, you need to download USB drivers windows 10 again. 

Use Password Protected Usb Drives 

One big tip which is the signs of pro users and prevents malware infections is - using password-protected USB drives. This is the big tip that always keeps your system at the same place and prevents malware or virus infections, moreover, this also stops unauthorized access to your data. Protecting files or data from unauthorized access is way tough task but you can do so with much ease, simply just by using well-programmed programs that ban unauthorized access and lock your files with the password. 

There are numerous utility tools that are specially designed to protect your files from unauthorized access including Folder Lock, GiliSoft USB Encryption, Rohos Mini Drive, USB Secure, USB Safeguard, and many more. Use any of these files to protect your data or files with high-end encrypted passwords to prevent malware or virus infection and unauthorized access. 

Scan For Viruses

When using a USB drive always scan for viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware. Because they come in our devices, undetected and stay inside our computer and harm our system. These viruses a better to stay out of our system which also increases the life expectancy of our computer which is a good thing. Most people directly put the USB drive into their USB ports and start using it right away. It is a non-encourageable move which should be avoided. Always scan for viruses on your USB drive to avoid future problems which can be caused by the viruses that had been residing on your USB drives but you forget to scan and delete them. 

So, these are some crucial tips to keep your system safe from removable media threats. Through this penned note, we've brought up crucial tips that can help you a lot in keeping your system safe from being infected via the USB virus. Along with this, we've also mentioned how drivers are playing a vital role to keep you safe side at all times. Hence, keep in mind to update & installs new, complete, and genuine drivers frequently and automatically. For an automatic update, you can also use the best driver updater tool which saves much of yours and automatically updates all the drivers in just a single go. Thus, there is only one reliable source or tool that could be able to do so and that is none other than Quick Driver Updater, download it now. Apply these tips to keep your system safe from being infected by USB viruses or malware.