Most people nowadays a way to record the screen of their android phones. They need that for various purposes. There are many problems that people face when they want to record the screen. Most of the screen recording apps need the person to root their mobile phone to use them. However, most people do not want to root their hone to use the apps, however they need to use the screen recording app. So, what should they do? Well, we are here to answer these questions yours. There are some ways in which you can record the screen of your phone without rooting your phone. Yes, some apps allow you to do so and we will tell you about these apps at the end of the article. So, make sure you read the full article for more knowledge.
How Do You Record Your Screen On Android Without An App?

Reason for recording the screen on android

The reason why a person would want to record their screen could be many. However, most of them want to record the screen so that they could upload it to some streaming platform. The streaming platform YouTube has been the source of income for many people and many want to continue using YouTube as their source of income. Many people upload videos on YouTube daily. Some of them upload to just provide useful information while others use it for other purposes. Many uploads upload mobile videos on YouTube such as their mobile gameplays, or some video depicting how to solve the problem the phone. For all this, they need a recording app that will help them to record the great quality of videos on the phone.

This is why people seek mobile recording. There are many apps on the play store or apple store that can help you to record videos, however most of them need you to root the phone. By rooting the phone, you can get into various problems, so you should look for other ways to record the video on your phone. While these options are limited, they most certainly do exist. Many apps will allow the person to record their screen easily, however, not all of them are safe and perfect. Before moving towards the screen recording app, let us first have a look at some of the screen recording history. 

History of Video Recording

Before the origination of the screen recording apps, the people used to use 2 more origination than 2 devices to record their mobile phone screen. The second device would be at the top of the first device in which the person was doing the task. The person would play a game, do something other than that on the phone and the second device would capture it. However, there was a certain disadvantage. First and foremost, one was the quality of the video recorded. No matter how many lights you fit or how better the camera you would choose, the quality of the video recording would never improve. This was one of the main concerns of the public or the person who was recording the video. 

They needed a good video so that they could upload it on YouTube or the internet, however the second device was incapable of doing it. The second big problem was the video shoot. If the person wanted to shoot a minute video then at least 10-15 minutes were given for the setup. The lights had to be set up, the camera had to be placed and many things were needed to be done. It was a hefty task and thus very few people were able to do it. To get rid of all these problems, people began to seek ideas on how they can record the screen of their android mobile and they found that out after KitKat was released.

Inbuilt Recording app

The KitKat version of the android was a lifesaver for all the people who wanted to record the screen on their phone. It gave their phone new life and power so that they could record their screen on their own. The KitKat update of the android phone had an inbuilt software on the phone which could record the screen. This made it possible for the people to record their screen without the use of an external app or second device. Now people were able to shoot the video on their phone without any problem. They were able to record the screen on their phone without any problem. People were happy because of this update as they were now able to record easily and upload the video to any streaming platform in the world. 

However, after many apps were developed after this update because of various reasons. One of them was that the internal screen recorder on the phone wasn’t able to record high-quality screen recording. So, the people now wanted some apps that would record the better quality of video on screen without any problem. However, the problem again raised that the best apps developed at that time were all root ones and the person has to root their phone to use those apps. However, many companies have listened to these problems of the user and they have developed some apps that do not require rooting the phone to work.

Using the inbuilt phone recording app is easy. All you have to do is just know how to use the app. The best way to use the app is to go to the app, and there you would see the record button. Click on the record button and then the screen recording will start. Now you can minimize the app and start using the minimize thing on the phone which you need to record. The inbuilt recorder will record all the instance and you can then stop the recording button as you see it. There will be no problem with it. Just make sure not to close the app or else the recording will stop.