Sometimes the video is not enough for the person who is screen recording. There is a chance that audio might also be needed by the person who is using the screen recorder. many people face this problem, that they have a good quality screen recording software, however, it is not able to record the audio of the phone. Many good software or apps are developed in the market which could record the high screen recording of the person’s phone and also include the voice was and when needed by the user. 
How Do I Record My Screen With Audio?
Some of the apps do exist on the play store that has the same features, however, whether they are good or not is up to you to decide. There are many ways in which you can see if the screen recording app is better for the person to not. You can look for the feature in it, and if you find those features, then you can install and use that software or app on your phone. Let us see what are the features of a good screen recording software.

Features of a good screen recording software

There are thousands of app on the play store that gives the option to the user of recording their screen, however, not all of them are good or at the same level. Some of them are brilliant while others are acceptable to use. some of the apps are better while others are a total waste of time. The point is that the person cannot scroll through the thousands of app, install them on their phone, and see if the app is better for them or not. They need a way in which they can classify whether the app they are using is good or not. 

If they find the app good then they should install and use it. There are certain features that you can look out for in the app, and if you find these features, then you can use the app. Let’s have a look at the feature of the screen recorder app. The first feature is the frame of the screen recorder app. See If the screen recorder app gives the option to adjust the screen of the video frame or not. If the feature is present in the app, then it means that the app can be used by the user. The video frame adjustment feature allows your video to be used on a different platform and it gives you the ease to edit your video without any problem. 

Some people think that this feature is not so important and it is true however only if the people using this app are using it for a limited time for a limited purpose. If they want detailed editing of the video then they should look for the adjustable video frame feature in the screen recording software. The second thing that you should look at in the screen recording software is that the person can use it to record the video for an unlimited time. There should not be a limitation on the time for which the person can use the app. This would make the app limited to use and people won’t most likely use it. The must check feature of the app is that it should allow unlimited time recording. This will help the person to use the app for as long as they want without any problem. 

The app will also help the person to record many takes without any problem and later edit them from the video. The last feature that you should check is the audio feature. Not many apps have this feature and it will help to distinguish between a good and a bad screen recording app. You should check whether the app will allow you to record the voice while you are recording the screen. This is needed by many people nowadays and we will learn why it is so important feature but first, you must understand that a good app must have this feature. 

 So, if your app has the have three given features then you can say that the app is a good one and you can download it to use it for screen recording. An app having these three features would be rare whoever it would be worth the time you spend on searching it. To save your time, we have given the name of the app that has all these three features and which we think is the best app for screen recording with audio in it. 

 Why is audio important in the screen recording app? 

Audio is important while recording the screen because many times you can’t show someone what you are trying to explain and expect them to understand. Sometimes audio important, some people record audio while they are recording their game, while other record voices when they are explaining something by recording the screen of their phone. Whatever may be the reason, have an audio record option along with the screen recording option is an absolute must in more of the cases. SO many people are using apps that allow video and audio recording option in them. Many apps are available in the market with such feature, however the one which we are going to see today is the Screen Recorder app.

A good screen and voice recording app

Screen recorder is one of the best screens recording app that allows the recording of video and audio on your phone without any problem. A screen recorder is an app that allows you to record the audio along with the screen on your phone. All you have to do is follow the below-given steps to allow audio recording on your phone.

  • Go to the app setting and search for the audio source option.
  • There click on the audio source and select the internal audio option which you will find there.
  • Close the menu and now you can record the audio along with recording the screen of your phone.