The audios are an integral part of the sound recording sometimes, and it is important for people who are recording their screen to record their sound as well. For this purpose, people use the best app so that they could have a better screen recording quality and a better audio quality while recording. However, a problem arises when the app starts to malfunction. There occur problems such as audio recording error when someone tries to record audio in the screen recording pp. It could be due to various reason and this could be quite disturbing for the user who has to deal with it. 
Why Is My Screen Recorder Not Recording Audio?
The user is at their wits end due to the problem and they spend a lot of time trying to figure out the reason for the audio cut in the screen recording pp. Sometimes, these problems force the person to quit using the app and start again on their whole project. This could be tiresome for the user, so today, we are going to tell you about the best ways in which you can correct the audio problem of your screen recorder app, and then you can start recording your voice all over again.

Various reason for not recording the sound

There are many audio problems that a person can face due to various issues. Sometimes the fault of the problem lies with the user while sometimes it is the app that is to be blamed. We will list below all the reasons due to which the audio recording problem might occur on the phone and then we will tell you how to solve each of the problems easily and effectively.

The first problem is the one in which you cannot do anything. The audio problem can be caused due to the internal error of the app. IN this case, the user cannot be blamed for the app as it is the problem caused by the app. The only solution to this problem is to get rid of the app from your device. These apps aren’t capable of recording the voice of the user so there is no need for them on the phone. Instead, you can try some other better apps which will help you to record the sound without any other problem. Many good apps will allow you to record sound without any problem. The second problem is the most common one. It is the problem of the volume of the audio. 

Sometimes, the audio of the volume that is recorded is not up to the mark. The audio is either too high or to low. This is a problem that is faced by many people all around the year and this is caused by several reasons. The reason for this is dependent on many factors. This problem is generally faced by people after 2-3 days of installing the app. When they finalized the video, they found that the audio is not up to the quality and the audio sound is not very good. This could occur due to the low audio sound of the device, large distance between the microphone and the user, or due to the internal error. One can rectify this problem by various methods. 

The first step should be to see if you are sitting too close or too far away from the microphone. This is one of the major reasons why volume is so loud or soft. The distance between the microphone and the user should be minimal and they should not sit too close or too far away from the microphone. This will cause a distraction in the sound. The second step should be to check the microphone level on the mobile phone. Go to the microphone setting on the phone and see if the microphone volume is set to the optimized level. If the level is too high then the sound will be too loud and if they are too low then the sound will be soft. 

The third problem is rare however it is faced by many people every day. The problem is the inability of the app to recognize the microphone of the person. This could be due to various reasons. However, the main reason is that the microphone could be damaged or broken. To see if that’s the case the user can replace the microphone with another one and if they are facing the same problem, then the microphone they were using earlier was broken and it was the fault of the microphone. However even after using anther microphone if the problem continues, then it is the fault of the phone. 

The phone could have its audio jack or microphone jack broke and the user should repair it in that case. The microphone jack could be broken which causes the person to not record the audio on the phone. Another way to check this is by removing the microphone from the phone and then recording the sound through the speaker. If the sound is being recorded by the speaker then the fault was with the phone and you should get your phone repair. 

One thing to notice is that you should not record with the speaker as it will cause many static noises to interfere with your normal voice and in that case, the audio being recorded would not be clear. The only solution to this problem would be to recording the video in a silent room however not many people can do it. SO, the best solution is to repair the phone or mic at the earlier so that you could record the audio on your phone.

Another small but important thing that many people seem to ignore is that sometimes the fault of this problem could be the user only. While installing the app make sure you give proper instruction and permission to the app so that it could use your microphone and speaker. This will allow the app to record the audio by app only.