You must have yourself in this situation where you find a missed call on your phone but you cannot tell the caller. The last thing that you should do is calling back to know who was trying to reach out to you. As much as the number might have your home area code, do not assume that you are safe to call back. Can it be your doctor? Your child's teacher? Or a neighbor? Unfortunately, it can be none of them. Why should someone important call you and fail to leave any message? Probably no genuine reason. These might be scammers or hackers who want to confirm whether your phone is active and use your information for fraudulent purposes.

Crooks are also using technology to up their game. Most of them can trick you with the area code to lure you into calling back. An area code is no longer a proof that the caller is from your region. It is good to be curious but do not take any action like calling back unknown numbers when you get a missed call. Even if you were waiting for an important call, you can use various ways to determine whether you are doing the right thing by contacting back. Even though the person might not pick, which is true with these callers, you will have prepared yourself for future spams. You should avoid calling back unknown numbers since most of them are con artists trying to steal your data.
Why You Should Never Call Back An Unknown Number?

Simple Ways Scammers Win Your Trust

You do not have to present your whole CV to be scammed online. Corn artists have perfected the game in that your name is enough to get what they need from you. There are several ways in which spammers make you trust them.

The Art of Trust           

Leave alone those crimes you hear in the hood about a gang riding a bank with guns. You can notice the danger the moment a criminal is on your site. Instead of guns, scammers will use their brain as a tool to trigger you to submit to their requests. Once you call back an unknown number, you are halfway to gain trust from online scammers. All they need is the initial information and you can join them, but the issue is that you will suffer alone at last. They might pose as the customer cares from your local bank ready to assist you on issues around your account. Keep in mind that no one will force you. They will be as patient as you think bank attendants could be. But you might be throwing you in a pool of stress unknowingly.

They Aim at the Vulnerable

If you have ever fallen in the traps of scammers (of which you might have in one way or the other) it does not indicate that you were stupid. The only accurate term here is vulnerability. Leave alone playing with your intelligence, corn artists will play with your emotions. You can easily fall to scammers when undergoing extreme changes in your life. This is because you are likely to lose equilibrium at those times. 

You can easily surrender yourself to scammers when going through frustrations like when you have lost your job. In such a situation, you may opt for any opportunity that promises money. This is where you mess with everything. Positive changes can land you to a problem as well. You might be in a stage of your life where you only see the good things. The problem comes when you fail to distinguish between good things coming to your ways and easy targets.

They Get You To Talk More

What another good way of gaining people's confidence apart from giving them your attention? This is how smart scammers play with your mind. They will tend to try offering you with any solution you need without compromise. No sooner than you know what they mean, you will be crying alone. Cons will trap you with what you desire most the first time you come into contact with them. With the tons of fantasy scenes they will be giving you daily, it will not be long and you will release the needed information. The worst thing is that victims tend to answer more questions than they ask. You will find yourself interested in the final results without questioning anything.

Using Your Name

How confident will you be when interacting with a new person who always remembers your name? That is how scammers play the mind game. The worst thing is that you can fake things in these instances. Let's say someone comments on your photo like "hello (name) how are you do you recall me?" even if you are a rude person, it is hard to offer answers like "Do not bother me, I am not familiar with you". You will probably try to be positive as you figure out the stranger. Remember, the more you give a scammer time the more you become susceptible to losing yourself. With the phone number, cons can get your information. For this reason, you should never call back hidden numbers.

Mimicking Your Posture

According to research, the easiest way to gain anyone's empathy is by mirroring his or her body language. It makes salesmen try to close deals faster. Mimicking helps in creating subconscious links with victims. This method creates a sense of belonging and familiarity with the victims. Scammers take advantage of this to break your mental defense before accessing your physical space. Make sure you do not entertain someone you have no idea of. The only way to prevent this is to make sure no one has your information without your consent. Avoid calling back unfamiliar number and you will be more secure than you imagine.


With only your phone number or name, scammers can start their journey of scamming you. For this reason, do not give unknown people your time. Although you might feel triggered to call a number after you find a missed call, may it be the last thing you could do. Genuine people would at least leave a message. Avoid calling back hidden numbers when you get a missed call for your safety.