Ishita Banik, one of the mostly talked debut authors of the year, is born and brought up in the city of joy, Kolkata. She has been fond of reading and writing since her childhood. The young author, whose debut novel 'If We Last' became a best seller to give her spotlight, never planned to publish her book in the first place. Writing was just one of her hobbies like reading, travelling etc. and she was all set to go ahead with her IT career. But, once she finished writing the longest romance thriller novel by her (later divided into a series), she considered publishing it for the very first time. Ishita Banik was pursuing her Masters in Computer Application from University of Calcutta and at the same time she was preparing for higher studies, job and doing her internship. As shared by Ishita Banik, during that time she kept writing to de-stress herself and once her novel was finished, she took the help of social media to share the quotes and thoughts. 

Ishita Banik
Ishita Banik

As she started getting a lot of positive responses from there, she decided to make her novel reach out to all the readers and that's how she stepped into the literary world by publishing her very first novel 'If We Last (After Crossing a Light-year)’. She joined her course in the meantime, but after a long battle to take the right decision with herself, finally she left it to choose the path of her dreams. Her first novel has not only become a best seller in thriller fiction, it reached to Amazon top 10 and thousands of readers have liked and shared the philosophical life quotes she shared throughout her books. Some of her most famous quotes which has taken the social media by storm-

Sometimes letting go is the only option to realise your inner strength.

Death is just the end of a part of the journey. That's it.

Sometimes we are compelled to end a relationship, not because it is toxic.

But, because closeness becomes more hurtful than the distance.

Time never fails to be unfair to us. It crawls when we need it to pass as soon as possible and it flies when we plead for one second more.

After the success of her first novel, Ishita Banik published her two other novels- Till We Last (Sailing through Dark, beyond the Light-years), The City of Tunes.

Her novels are a blend of basically two genres- Romance and thriller with philosophical and inspirational messages throughout it.

Ishita Banik believes in 'the creation of realistic fiction', which means fiction which can turn into real any time. In the other hand, she builds irresistible suspense throughout her writings to keep the readers glued to her books.

Apart from writing books, she writes quotes on life, hope, love, healing, inspirations which she regularly posts on her social media. She also writes blogs on how to write, how to get published etc. to inspire the budding authors.

Ishita Banik 2
Ishita Banik

Not only writing but Ishita Banik loves to take care of all the details of her book, starting from cover designing, book trailer making to marketing. Presently she is working on her next projects, one of which is most probably releasing by the end of this year. Ishita Banik is also an avid reader, traveller, entrepreneur and pet lover.

The City Of Tunes By Ishita Banik
The City Of Tunes By Ishita Banik

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