Yeah, you can link your smartphone to a TV without some kind of Wi-Fi connection. Although it's worth making sure that perhaps the TV you've got is a new version! That must be another smart TV that supports the relationship between the various above. You may just use a simple mechanism to transfer information to the TV from your smartphone. Even so, you ought to be familiar with the various characteristics and requirements of the TV package. There seem to be moments where users watch anything on the smartphone and would like to display it along with the family, or maybe you just need to do that on a larger screen. Android smartphones do have some alternatives, namely built-in features as well as third-party software. Now let us split down your options, from easy to complicated.

Can You Connect Phone To TV Without WiFi?

Examples of Can You Connect Phone to a TV without Wifi?

Take Advantage of Mirroring

Whenever WiFi isn't really accessible yet the smart TV promotes the mirroring method, you can connect your smartphone to the TV Box. Everything you've got to do is: Make sure there is indeed a mirroring choice for the computer. This high contribution should be supported by your TV. Enable both your smartphone and the smart TV's mirroring display. It's a smart idea to do this for an Android phone which really embraces some certain version of Android. You've got to verify it! Yeah, and hey presto! Users may connect your phone to something like a TV Box without the need for Wi-Fi to use this specific feature.

Connect With an Adapter or Cable

If you're not using a Bluetooth adapter-compatible device — or whether your handset isn't designed for something like this — you could utilize the HDMI converter as well as cables to attach your smartphone with your TV as well as the mirror from your display. Then you might provide a few different choices, although the version you select could very well rely on the sort of monitor your connected to, however long, and most significantly if either to not you ought to recharge your mobile as you're doing it. Connecting an HDMI cable to your TV from your computer works only if your computer has a DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter and the TV has the appropriate HDCP 2.2 protections installed. Both devices must support the necessary HDCP 2.2 capabilities to allow the connection to take place.

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Cast With Chromecast

If you've had a Chromecast docking station or perhaps a TV of designed-in Chromecast backing, your preferred option would be whether the app users would like to view on their TV support systems casting. If that is the case, you could perhaps send information from the mobile device to something like the TV with some of those taps. Sponsored applications include amazon prime, Netflix, Showtime Now, and Facebook Pictures. Only ensure sure your computer should be using a similar Wi-Fi network with the Chromecast / TV Box. Then press the casting button in the app and select the smartphone you want to use. This choice is suitable for applications with legal material that often obstruct conventional screen mirroring. YouTube, for starters, can block out everyone's video but only display sounds if you want to play anything when you're mirroring the display. For now, there are only a few apps that work with the new device, but you can use the same apps that you already use to cast from your laptop to your TV, like Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube. With the Smart Cast app, you can do more.

Can You Connect Phone To TV Without Wifi?

Micro USB to HDMI Adapter

Whether you have another outdated Micro USB plug, you'll want a distinct adapter such as the one above. With this approach, your device would need to endorse another communication protocol MHL. If you've had a certified handset, link it all to the connector, then mount the HDMI cable then attach everything to the Television. This specific connector also has a rechargeable battery on the edge, then you can hold your screen up while you're watching. Your phone will use one of your HDMI ports as a display output. You will be able to play games on TV.

Stream with a DLNA App

Eventually, if indeed the proposed approaches do not function besides you, many internet-connected television sets follow a streaming routing protocol DLNA. One will transfer video files through the phone — or even all of your devices — with the TV with all of this. Be cautioned, however, that almost any directories you download likely won't have any consumer rights maintenance (DRM) functionality, which implies you're going to really have to hold with your own songs and films; YouTube wouldn't even be enabled here. Luckily, this also covers much of the stuff you would like to upload with your TV through your computer.

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Stream with Plex

This year's famous media monitoring app Plex still acts as just a DLNA content provider but in a less straightforward manner. A Plex feature selection on your machine will host and stream songs, images, or videos to someone's TV. You can even use the smartphone app to search your catalog, select what other media to watch, and submit everything to your TV via Chromecast as well as DLNA. The drawback of someone using the Plex software has always been that the device that you established your database would have to be on as well as wired to the network if you try to upload your documents. That being said, Plex helps you to manage media files which are far bigger than those that suit your computer.

Samsung Galaxy Smart View

Samsung's Galaxy smartphones, in the meantime, provide something labeled smart View that helps you to collaborate and interact with and out of any Samsung smartphone or tablet. The name suggests that the Smart View-B is connected to the device through BLE. This is different from the above list of phone-to-TV adapters, which require a WiFi connection and provide for voice interaction as well.


It's interesting to watch the footage on a larger display. You could perhaps love witnessing your smartphone, but it's amusing to see something on TV. So if you don't have a wireless network in your immediate environment, don't even bother to worry about anything. Since you can use these measures discussed above to assist you to navigate your smartphone to a TV Box with no Wi-Fi connection. Please ensure you have a smart TV which mostly supports those functionalities.