The evolution of television nowadays is so amazing. From a mechanical, rotating disc technology in 1928, known as an octagon, then evolve into many changes up to the smart TV that we have right now. Before, only rich people can afford to have a television, but now, even those who are living in a remote place can buy and own a television. Before the picture shown on the TV is black and white, now the picture seems to be just the scenery out of your window. Before you need to rotate the knob of the channel to change the station that you want to watch, but now you can change the channel by swiping it with your fingers. Thanks to the pioneer of the television, that because of them we now have a better kind of television and that is Smart TV.

Can I Use Mobile Hotspot For Smart TV?

What is Smart TV?

A Smart TV is a wiser kind of television with a feature that can be connected directly to the internet and has interactive web 2.0 features, which give access to the users to stream music and videos; you can also view photos and browse the internet – anything you wanted to do. Yes, Smart TV can, from watching Netflix, YouTube, and others in a clearer picture, up to playing games and checking social media. Some more advanced Smart TV can offer voice control and has a smart home integration. This Smart TV is a combination of computers, television sets, and set-top boxes that everyone will love.

What are the offers of Smart TV?

As it was stated above, Smart TV can do a lot just like a mobile device or a computer. The following are the lists that Smart TV offers to its user.

It offers a great way to enjoy listening to some streaming music using internet radio services like Spotify, Pandora, and others.

It offers a great view of your favorite movies from Netflix, Pureflix, YouTube, and others.

It offers great visibility while checking your Facebook and other social media that you have.

It offers great interactive tools that can connect you to some voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google assistant.

It offers great compatibility and control to some household device that is connected. This feature is offered by those modern models of Smart TV. 

How to connect Smart TV on the internet?

Speaking of connecting Smart TV to the internet, it needs to wire Ethernet and built-in WiFi. The current Smart TV's are compatible with 802.11ac WiFi, however, there are still models that are okay with the older 802.11n standard. The installation is easy as long as the manual's guide provided will be followed.

Can I Connect Mobile Hotspot on my Smart TV?

However, what if there is no internet connection only a mobile hotspot is it still applicable for this Smart TV? The answer to this question is yes. Yes, it is just like connecting your Smart TV on WiFi the only difference is that you can do it by tethering your hotspot.

How to connect Mobile Hotspot to Smart TV?

 The mobile hotspot can be connected to the Smart TV and here are the steps to do it.

Step 1 – you look for the icon that says mobile hotspot on your cellphone and then turns it on. If you want to put a mobile name and password on your mobile hotspot you can do it by clicking the mobile hotspot settings on your phone. After you put a name or change the name on your mobile hotspot and after you turn it on then you can now proceed to the second step.

Step 2 – turn on your Smart TV. Look for the setting icon on it.

Step 3 – the moment you found the setting icon, click on the Network option.

Step 4 - After you click the Network option, all the detected WiFi connections will appear in a list. From the list choose the name of your mobile hotspot, then click connect. If you can't see your mobile hotspot name, check your mobile if it is turn on or not. If not, then that's the reason why it is not detected. Turned your mobile hotspot and paired it with your Smart TV.

Step 5 – Once you see the name of your mobile hotspot, then click the connect icon.

Step 6 – then an enter your password will pop up to let you put your password. Go ahead, put the password, and click connect. Remember, that password can be entered by using the remote. To do that go to the password field and press ok from your remote. An on-screen keyboard will pop out on your screen, use your arrows up and down, left and right keys on your remote, to be able to write the password.

Step 7 – once everything is okay and you are already connected to the hotspot, then a checkmark will appear on your network. That's it! You are now ready to enjoy viewing your favorite online movies and others. However, if you are having a hard time connecting your Smart TV to your hotspot, then try to restart your mobile device and turn on your mobile hotspot again and see if it's working already. If it won't work, check if you still have available Mbps to be used or if it has a signal.

In conclusion, if you want to level up your entertainment room, then why not chose Smart TV. In this Smart TV, you will really enjoy the movies, the music, or the social media that you will be checking now and then. Aside from that, you can choose different sizes of your TV that best fit your budget. If you have a lesser budget you can choose the 24 inches, but if you wanted to have like a cinema you can choose the 110 inches size of Smart TV.