Firestick remote apps are used instead of firestick TV remote. In case you lost your remote, or it is damaged, you can use the firestick remote app on your mobile phone to operate your firestick TV. Many use a firestick TV remote for cutting the expense of buying the remote that costs around thirty dollars. The Firestick remote apps also offer you a better experience allowing you to do more functions than a physical remote. And the best part of it is typing. Almost all people face problem while typing texts or URLs with the physical remote controller. But the mobile apps allow you to type the URLs and text using the mobile keyboard. The remote apps are available for all kinds of operating systems. You will find available apps for both IOS operated devices and Android operated devices. You must select well-working apps and install into your device and allow your mobile phone to navigate the amazon firestick TV.

Best Firestick Remote Apps And How To Use Them?

So, we need to know what the remote apps for the firestick tv are. There are plenty of apps around the play store that can confuse you. We have already selected the best two of them for you. That is Amazon Fire Tv Remote App and the Cetus play Universal Remote. Amazon Fire Tv Remote App is the official firestick tv remote app. If you already have any of these two remote apps, you don't need to find another app.

Amazon Fire Tv Remote App - Official

This is the official app for the firestick TV remote. It is designed by amazon for mobile devices. You can install it on your mobile device and operate your firestick tv mode than a physical remote. You can download the app from the google play store directly. The Amazon mobile app developer store is the provider of the app. The app is available on all Android, IOS, and Kindle mobile and tablet devices.

Advantages of Fire Tv Remote App

It is highly recommended to all firestick tv remote app users. It is incredibly useful as a back up of the physical remotes. Especially when the remote is not working, you can use it without any problem. It is even easier to carry. The best part is it's typing capability. Nothing is easier to type with mobile apps than with a typical remote.

It allows typing long sentences and URLs fast and perfectly. When the physical remote freezes, the only hope is to use the mobile app. The mobile remote apps also have the voice-over commanding system. You launch select modes and give other commands through Alexa. Remember that nothing is better than an official app.


Never forget to use the same Wi-Fi network connection for playing the firestick TV and remote apps. The individual connection will not work. So, make sure the mobile and the TV must use the same Wi-Fi connection.


Although a mobile application has no physical formation a visible formation, it shares similarities with the physical remote. It has a layout similar to the physical remote. But the navigation button is unique in the mobile remote apps. So, there are slight differences between them.

The physical remote has the OK button or select button in the center. On the other hand, mobile remote controller apps are designed with more efficient navigation touchpad. You can complete the actions by tapping, swiping, or clicking on the touchpad. The remote apps also feature some of the buttons that the physical remotes have.

How To Setup And Use Fire Tv Remote App

For setting up remote apps to your firestick tv device, you must follow the tips step by step that is given below.
  • When you open a firestick tv remote app, the app will search for firestick tv devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • When you can see your firestick tv device's name on the app, tap it to select.
  • When you are using the remote app for the first time on your tv, it will ask you for a four-digit code. The code box will appear on your mobile device screen. Type the code, and the app will be connected to your firestick tv.
  • After selecting, you can see the sign-in button at the bottom of the screen. You have to sign in with your Amazon account. Now you can use your previous account, or you are free to create a new one. But this is an optional task because no restrictions are allowed for the signed-out account.
  • To open the settings option, tap on the circular cog button of your mobile remote apps.
  • Tap the sleep button to select a sleeping mode or taking any actions.
  • Tap the application button to access the firestick apps.
  • Now the list of apps will appear on the screen. Tap to select the apps, and it will launch to your firestick TV.

Your firestick and remote apps don't need to be signed in. It is not mandatory because you can control any firestick signed in elsewhere with the remote apps. So, there are sign-in issues. When you use a remote app and go to the Amazon shop, you are automatically connected with that specific Amazon shop app account.

Cetus Play Universal Remote App

It is another useful app that comes in Android, IOS, and Kindle mobile devices and tablets. It is available in respective play stores available on your phone. These apps need the same Wi-Fi connection between the firestick TV and your mobile.

How to Setup and Use Cetus Play Remote App

Please search for the app and install it on your mobile device.

  • It will ask permission, which you must allow to go on and then tap to the get started button.
  • Cetus play will now find your device.
  • It will show your device with IP address, select it and allow USB debugging by clicking the OK button.
  • When it connects to your device, it will ask for a four-digit code. Type it on your mobile.
  • Then the Cetus play default D-pad square control panel will appear. The installation process is done.

This was the list of the very best firestick remote controller apps. You can download and operate them with mobile phones. These apps work with any firestick device.