If any Amazon device got lost or stolen, then certain things you have to do. Among them, you can contact amazon customer service to manage your firestick or the mobile device remotely. The feature will be very useful in case you lost, or your device is stolen. You can manage your device if it is supported on your mobile device running the Fire OS.
How To Disable Stolen Or Lost Amazon Firestick?

Important to Do

If the device is stolen, the first attempt you must take is communicating with local law enforcement members. They will assist you. Never attempt to search for a stolen device by yourself. It may cause harm to you and can make things even more complicated.

If your stolen device was not compatible with the manage your device service, then immediately contact with amazon customer support section by phone or mail for necessary assistance. The amazon customer support team will assist you in giving the information required for retrieving your device.

In case your device remains turned off, then the situation will worsen. It will be even more complicated if it is not connected to any wireless network. In this situation, the manage your device function will not work. It is the technical support that the Amazon expert team will provide to you. But without the network, it will not be possible. It will be wiser to immediately turn on the manage your device service function after buying the product on your Amazon firestick TV device.

Turn On The Manage Your Device Function

If you lose or misplace your amazon firestick device, it is a precautionary act you have to take. You must enable the manage your device features on your mobile. It will help you get your device on location-based technology.

The location tracking base technology that manages your device services must be turned on for the feature to work. The feature will be appearing on your device settings also. Check your device's location services to know more about the location base service and set it properly. 

To enable the feature to manage your device on the firestick tablets, follow the steps:

1. Open the quick settings option by swiping down the top of your screen, select the setting option

2. Tap the device, select the device option.

3. Now, turn on the find your tablet option. If it is turned on, then make sure that you don't turn it on.

To enable the feature to manage your device on a mobile device.

1. Open the quick settings by swiping down the top of your screen and go to the settings option.

2. Select the location service from the settings menu and then tap the option. After that, tap the find your phone option to enable the manage your device service.

3. Turn on the find your phone if it is already on, then don't turn it off.


To disable the function of your firestick, you have to do the following:

  1. You have to go to the Amazon website and log in.
  2. Select the firestick device that you won.
  3. Select the Deregister option and confirm.
  4. Contact amazon customer service and tell them what happened to your device.


There will be a live chat session, or the amazon customer service team will mail you to contact you. You might have to wait for the calling system reply. So, it is better to go for a webchat. The system of chatting is as the following:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Amazon website page.

2. Select the help or let us help you option.

3. Select the browse help topics and contact them.

4. Select your device and tell them about more of it.

5. Now select the chat option to access the webchat.

It will be a real disappointment if the option is not available because sometimes it is unavailable for the customers' irrelevant question. If you have to select the calling option, you have to wait for a long time to contact any customer care manager.

Reporting for de-registration of your lost firestick device is not a useless process. You are stopping your account to buy new movie apps or any other services under any other account. You are registered with an amazon account with your stolen device.

You are preventing the stolen device of yours to be used by any other person or account. It might be less of an issue to you, but you are saving your account from being misused. It is the main goal of disabling your misplaced Amazon firestick device.

Feature of Managing Your Device Service

If you have misplaced or lost your firestick device, you can locate the register and even remove all your content and other supported device from managing your device service. Here we are putting a list of what you can do the manage your device service.

Remote alarm: You can activate an alarm on the device. This alarm will play for two minutes or even until it is dismissed. The alarm will be dismissed when your device will be located.

Remote lock: You can set a screen lock to your device for extra protection. You can set additional features like a onetime challenge to input the right screen lock password. By doing this, your device will be locked after the first wrong try to the next time you are turning it on.

Factory reset: You can reset your device to the default factory reset settings. But it will remove all your data, including your personal information, downloaded contents, and your Amazon account information.


You can manage your stolen or misplaced device and content by following the provided guidelines above. You can use other compatible devices using your registered account to watch your downloaded contents, which you lost with the stolen or misplaced device.