If you need a firestick TV remote replacement, then we can provide you some helpful tips. This remote alternative may also be used as a firestick TV remote. In case you break or lose the firestick TV remote, then the cost of purchasing it could be frustrating. Replacing it will be a good option and luckily there some alternatives with your firestick TV box. 

Besides, it has quite a reputation among the users rather than the original remote. The alternative options allow some additional features too. If you face a problem syncing your remote with your device, you can follow these tips also.

How To Replace An Amazon Firestick Remote?

An amazon firestick remote can be fixed or replaced. It is the most used streaming TV device existing in the market now. The main reason for its popularity is for the option included purchasing the remote individually. As Amazon's latest update allows firestick TV remote control as an improved device, that is why it is beloved by all. However, Amazon has made up the past issues that users have experienced.

Firestick Remote TV App

The best option for searching your existing firestick remote TV app is to shift using an app. If you want to replace your firestick remote TV, consider using an app rather than buying a new one. Because the app is free, but you have to expense it when you try to repair or buy a new remote.

The app is fully free for the android and iPhone operating systems. Other smartphone users also will be able to use it free. The good news is that it is used as the same features that an original remote-control system offers.

The apple app store google play store is providing the app for free. As you download your phone application for free, it is also an application that you can download into your mobile device for free. You have to search on the play store or app store, writing Amazon Firestick TV remote in the search box. Then download it and use it after installation.

Using the Remote TV App

After downloading the free Amazon firestick TV, the remote app installation process will automatically start. After installation, the remote TV app will be available to use with your mobile device. It carries the same features as your original remote-control system. The app offers you extra features to boot rather than the remote.

Once the application gets installed, you will need to connect the TV to your mobile device via the same Wi-Fi connection. If your mobile device's network connection and amazon firestick TV are not the same, then it will not work. The phone and TV must be using the same network.


After the app opens, it will detect your device automatically. If you have many amazon firestick TV devices, then the app will show you many options on the list. Don't be confused; carefully search for your amazon firestick TV device and manually connect it with the mobile device application. To pair your firestick TV with your phone application, you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Select the amazon firestick TV device you are using. It would help if you were careful when selecting out of many.
  2. After choosing your device name, select it, and it will show a four-digit code on your TV screen.
  3. For verifying, type the code into your mobile device app. You will be shown a box to input the four-digit code on your mobile device screen.
  4. After successfully inputting the code, you will have access to the amazon firestick TV remote app.
  5. You will be shown a navigation button right at the center of your mobile device. Now, this is a button similar to your remote button. 


After you have installed it properly, you have to turn your mobile device into a firestick TV remote. Now, what you are seeing is your mobile device turned into a navigation touchpad to operate your amazon firestick TV, just like the remote.

Navigate the touchpad to swipe left, right, up, down. You can move and operate your TV screen by mobile touchpad. For selecting or clicking, tap into the center of your mobile device. The buttons situated on the bottom of your mobile screen is similar to the typical firestick TV remote you would have.

So, the typical remote movement and buttons are also present in the remote TV app. There is also a toolbar on the mobile device you will see. They are used for applying the various function. The most favorite activity you can do with the remote TV app is launching any app with just a click. 

A remote TV app allows any firestick device app to launch in just a click. Just click the button by the access button of your mobile device on the firestick TV remote app keyboard, and you will land in another app.

Firestick TV Remote Replacement Benefit

You may have noticed some benefits of using an app than using a physical remote for the firestick TV. Many agree that the app is better than the remote. The older version does not allow Alexa voice assist that is fixed in the newer version. 

Now the remotes are compatible with the voice assistant that is already a built-in option in an app. You can command over voice to operate your firestick TV. The apps and game options are easy to select in an application remote control system. You can also arrange them to anywhere on the screen that suits your preference.

The feature available is the keyboard option on a remote TV app system. Typing with a remote is a lot more difficult rather doing it with a mobile touchpad. And it is also handy for copying or entering URL's for downloading.


There is plenty of option to replace your firestick TV remote. The best among all is using a TV remote application. If you want to replace, select the actual app for your amazon firestick TV devices, minimize the cost, and enjoy efficiency.