Does your firestick often buffer, and you don't know why it happens? It could be for the internet, the streaming, or the firestick TV itself. We will show you why the problems are occurring and how can you solve the issue.

Why Firestick Keep Buffering?

A slow internet connection is the main reason for the firestick TV buffering. A minimum of five Mbps bandwidth is needed for an SD video. And for HD videos, the minimum required bandwidth is 10 Mbps. And the trendiest nowadays is the 4K resolution video. The minimum required bandwidth is 25 Mbps.

Now you can test your speech using or via phone or PC. By doing this, you will be sure that your home Wi-Fi network connection can handle the video you want to watch. If the Wi-Fi connection is not the main problem, then take other actions.

How To Stop Buffering On Your Firestick?

Troubleshoot the Network Problem

Consider the other devices present in your home. If the other devices are eating much of your bandwidth, then a very small number of bandwidths remain for you. If the other devices are consuming more data by downloading, updating, app, and system updating, there is less bandwidth left for your firestick tv device.

Consider the obstacles between the Wi-Fi router and your firestick device. The obstacles like thick walls, other devices' network signal, or long distancing would be great in getting the required bandwidth for your firestick device.

Sometimes, networks are not a big issue, but the internal systems are. If your firestick is low on RAM management, then you might be irritated due to buffering because the firestick is not a kind of powerhouse type device. It stumbles if too many loads are on it running in the background. Release your firestick from using too many background apps.

Dishonest Internet service providers may reduce your bandwidth to lower your consumption. It is a heinous act, and no one should go for a provider who is engaging in doing such cheap things.

If you use third-party apk apps on your firestick device, then possibly your device can catch malware. Malware can harm firestick without your consent. And the possibility of slowing down your streaming is very high in this case.

An older version can slow down your overall user experience, not only the streaming. An updated version fixes all the problems you are having, so always try to keep using the latest version.

It is not always your device's fault; sometimes, the other end is responsible for the low streaming quality. This often happens because of the bandwidth problem from the other end. If the video you are watching is very popular, many users are trying to watch that, and there, the bandwidth issue took place. The video streamer end faces the bandwidth problem, and you are the sufferer without any of your faults.

If your device is getting overheated, then the whole device may suffer. Streaming and other lagging issues are often happening because of the heating problem.

How To Stop The Buffering?

Before solving any problem, everybody should have proper reasons and diagnosis. If you know why the problems are occurring, then you can initiate the problem-solving process. Above, we discussed the reasons for buffering, and now we will find the solutions for it. If you follow the following tips, then you may improve the streaming quality.

1. Increase Signal Quality

As we mentioned, you can check the internet speed quality through some of the online software. Besides that, you can check the signal strength manually from your firestick device. Go to the settings option of your firestick TV and follow the steps.

  • Go to the settings option from the homepage.
  • Select the network option.
  • Then select the current Wi-Fi network option that you are connected.
  • Now you can see the network strength displayed on the right side of your screen.
You can rearrange the position of your firestick or the router position to make better signaling. You might consider using a Wi-Fi extender instead. Remember to use a higher frequency Wi-Fi router that is usually 5 GHz because higher frequency means faster networks.

2. Restart Firestick Device

Restarting the firestick device may solve all kinds of primary problems, including the streaming problems. Usually, rebooting your firestick means to refresh the device. Rebooting gives you a clean slate that clears all the background apps running. Background apps often consume data and make your device laggy. For a quick reboot solving problem, apply the following steps.

  • Go to the settings from the home screen
  • Please scroll to the right and select my fire tv option
  • Now choose the restart option to reboot

3. Turn Off The Other Apps

Other apps that run in the background may consume your bandwidth beyond your knowledge. Because it runs background, you have no idea as you are not using the apps. So, turn them off manually and follow the following steps.

  • Go to settings from the home page
  • Go to the applications menu
  • Now select the 'manage installed application'
  • Manually select the apps you want to turn off
  • Finally, stop or force stop the apps or even uninstall them

4. Cool The Firestick

As we mentioned earlier, heating might cause a performance drop, and you must minimize the heating issue. It is suggested to use an HDMI extender or even change the HDMI ports sometimes.

5. Lower Video Quality

A lower video quality typically requires less bandwidth than the higher quality. Some of the players offer you an automatic resolution of video quality. But there are many offers you do it manually.

6. Clear The App Cache Memory

Every app has its own temporary app store that uses your firestick device. Sometimes it uses too much data, which pressurizes your device's RAM management. To wipe out the unnecessary data, you must follow the following.

  • Go to the settings from the home page
  • Go to the application menu
  • Now, select the manage installed application
  • Manually observe which apps stores too much data
  • Finally, clear the data and caches of the heavy apps
Use the technics for having a better streaming quality from your device. Better streaming helps to pass a smooth TV experience. Keep updated for further better results from your firestick TV.