No technology in the world is flawless. And a small piece of technology like a firestick remote is not. That is why often a firestick remote freeze. Sometimes watching TV for a longer period or apps running in the background causes your firestick to freeze. Freezing means to stop working or doing no actions when you try to. But there were many options for fixing the issue. 

We will provide you tips on how you can unfreeze your firestick remote. The commonly used technic for unfreezing or normalizing your firestick remote is unplugging. However, it is not the only solution. Here we will help you by giving some pro tips on how you can get rid of this problem.

How Do I Unfreeze My Firestick Remote?

1. Unplug the Firestick

Why your remote get freeze? As mentioned above, technology is not always perfect. So, the firestick remote cannot handle many operations at the same time. And, for the excess loading of your TV programming, your firestick remote often freezes. 

Watching your TV for a long session, your firestick remote can stop working. Sometimes too many background apps using leads your firestick remote to stop working.

You can restart when your firestick remote stops working. The easiest way to restart your firestick is to unplug for a while and plug it again. This procedure is known as the power-cycle. When you plug and unplug the device forcefully to power on and off, it is called a power-cycle. 

Unplug the firestick TV remote device for 30 seconds and plug it again to start using if it works. If there is any problem, then it might not work. Or else you can apply another method for unfreezing your firestick TV remote.

2. Restart with The Remote

You can use the remote to reset the firestick. As the firestick remote is a versatile accessory, you can do some of the following advised things to get rid of your frozen firestick remote.

  • Take your firestick remote and hold down the button written as a select button. Then select the play or pause button at a time.
  • Hold it for at least 10 seconds. Wait until you can see your device is powering off. If your device is restarting, then it is ok.
This was a very simple method, but what will happen if you don't have any firestick remote. Or even if you have a firestick remote but the method mentioned above is not working? Don't worry, and we have a solution to all these problems. You have to read the following steps carefully for other technics.

3. Restart from Settings

Go to settings of your firestick remote and restart it. You can easily restart your frozen firestick TV remote device. You have to go to the firestick settings menu and restart it. This is a useful feature for the people who use their mobile device in the firestick remote control device. Many use their mobile device as the firestick device to avoid extra device pieces and ease their mobile device user experience daily.

From your firestick device's home screen interface, go to the settings option. Now go to the device option, and after that, select the restart menu to restart your device. Your firestick TV remote device will automatically restart. 

In a couple of seconds, you will see that your device is restarting. So, it is also an easy way that you can restart your firestick device. You can easily restart it whenever it is stuck or stop working. Always remember to put that amount of pressure on your firestick device that it is capable of bearing.

4. Hold the Home Button of Your Firestick Remote

So, why you need to hold the home button to unfreeze your firestick remote? Because it could unfreeze your firestick TV remote device for different reasons. You should notice the important thing about a firestick freeze issue that hackers create fake hotspots for stilling your passwords. 

When you are logged in to Starbucks Wi-Fi connection, hackers targeted that specific connection and became the victim. You have to secure your data for the following reasons.

  • Firestick Remotes are Unpaired: Sometimes, the firestick remote itself get unpaired from the firestick device.
  • In this case, you can pair it again with the firestick remote by holding the home button for 10 seconds. The firestick TV remote will be paired again.
  • Your Firestick is Sleeping: When you are not using your firestick remote for a while, your firestick could be in sleeping mode. To wake up and active your firestick, there are two things you can do. First, you must have battery power remaining in the battery. Secondly, make sure your firestick remote should be paired with the firestick device. It will work if your firestick device is not plugged off or powered off.
  • Third-Party App Glitching: A bugging app running background can cause a glitch. Specifically, third party apps cause glitching. Besides, the android-based operating system for the firestick is not perfect itself.

For these reasons, often a firestick causes the problem. Sometimes for the program error, a firestick only responds to a few buttons. It only responds to the home button so, try pressing the home button to unfreeze the firestick.

5. Remove Selected Application

There are some of the apps that run in the background. Most of the applications collect and use precious data resources. This background process often causes lagging and freezing the firestick remote tv programming. Some of the firestick apps take your RAM data byte-to-byte.

It is a security breach that also lags your firestick programming. You can install apps to restrict this process. Or you can close all the background programs. Remove and uninstall as many apps as possible. 

By doing that, you can unfreeze the firestick. It will fix your problem. Apply your phone as an additional firestick TV remote controller. This is an important step to unfreeze your firestick remote TV if you lose the device.