Amazon delivers the hardware that you purchase that is already linked to your Amazon account. It is done to avoid the friction of setup process. It is done to amazon hardware devices such as amazon echo or Alexa, firestick TV, or fire tablet. But what will happen when you give it to someone because you are not going to use that product. 

You are giving it away to someone else who will use the product. So, the complication begins because of the amazon account sync. That is why you need to know how to unregister your amazon account from the product.

How To Unregister An Amazon Product To Give It To Someone Else?
Normally when you buy an Amazon product from the Amazon website, you can check the box "This is a gift" before buying. Make sure you check the specified gift box when you are gifting it away and then add it to the cart.

It will be ensured by amazon that it will be ensured by amazon itself that they will not mix the product with your Amazon account number. That is attached to the order. They will leave the gift order to the given address without any account number. They will leave the product unregistered if the box is a gift box. Whoever the person will receive the order will set up the device with their own Amazon account.

The process is not certain that the purchasing will ensure proper distribution management. Sometimes it needs revision to send the proper shopper registration. Then you might have to think twice before hitting the by button. 

Many of the shoppers do not know the process of amazon devices are a pre-registered and linked. They don't have the idea of their amazon account. So, the gift recipient and the shopper are often surprised after buying an amazon device as a present. 

But if you forget to mark the device you are gifting as a gift device while ordering from Amazon, you have to take another step. It is never very late for the shopper to unregister the product ordered. You can unregister the amazon device from your amazon account. 

Here is the process of how to do this:

  • Go to the Amazon website from your desktop and find the option for your account. It will be at the upper right corner of your desktop screen. Don't forget to log in before trying the unregistering attempt.
  • You will see a pop-up menu that will appear as a list. From the list, carefully select the manage your content and devices menu option.
  • Now select your device tab.
  • In this tab, you will be shown the devices of all your amazon that you have associated with your current Amazon account.
  • Think before selecting the next menu and confirm which one you want to unregister. Please select from the tiled menu your targeted device name and select it.
  • Then, clicking on the device name, a device action drop down menu option will appear. Click on it. In the drop down menu, you will see the deregister menu option.
  • You will be warned by a pop-up box that notifies it, "This action will remove all content from your device, and several features may not work."
  • Confirm deregistration by clicking the deregister button from the pop-up box.

Finally, the Amazon device will be deregistered and will not be associated with your Amazon account. Now, you can gift this item to someone freely. And the recipient can log in with their own Amazon account and use it without any issues.

Deregister an amazon device

You can deregister an amazon device from your amazon account by the following steps:

  • Go to the Amazon website from your desktop.
  • Find the manage your content and devices menu option.
  • log in to your Amazon account credentials.
  • Click on the devices button.
  • Select the deregister option.

Your device will be deregistered from the device you are using. Now a new amazon account will be easily registered into that amazon device. f You can follow the simple steps to unregister your amazon product. Then you can give it to someone else. I hope the given process will help you unregister your amazon device and do whatever you want.