To use a firestick remote TV without a remote is confusing to many users. The Amazon firestick is an amazing technology that we used nowadays. But without a remote, it is beat confusing. There are many ways of setting your firestick without the remote. We will guide you on using the device when the controller device is not with you. Here are the most useful ways that you can try.
How Do I Use Amazon Firestick Without Remote?

Why Using Without the Remote?

There are different reasons that users all over the world have reasoned. Some of the most common reasons are as the following.

  • Settings are very limited in the firestick remote, which allows you to replace or not use it.
  • When you are not sitting in your home, but for others, then you might not have any remote. So, you have to work on your basics of using without the remote.
  • Privacy Reasons like hacking or security you might go without a remote.
  • When you lose your remote, you have no other option without knowing how to use it without the remote. You might lose it, or you can break it, whatever the unavailability is, you should have to know how to use the firestick without the remote.

Don't worry, and we will guide how to initialize the use of a firestick without using the remote. You will learn the setup without the remote process also here. Follow the steps one by one for making no errors. Here is the setup process.

Unbox the Firestick TV

The first step is to unbox the firestick TV. You will observe the settings that are given in the box. There will be a stick itself, a wall adapter, an HDMI extender battery, a power cord, and the controller. Now you have to set up all the things without the battery and the controller. After that, plug in your television. You have to do certain things to do this.

  • Insert the USB micro cable with the power adapter that is on the box.
  • Joint the other end of the micro cable with the stick.
  • Doing all this, plug the TV into the HDMI port of your TV stick.
  • Make sure your TV input will be the right HDMI port that you plug into. There are several HDMI ports, so the chance of a mistake.
  • If you plugin to HDMI port, then change the input button into the HDMI port too. Wherever you plug in the HDMI port, set the main port according to that HDMI port.

Now this will request you to do the settings where you will need the controller device. So, how will you do this?

Selecting the Language

You have to select the language of your device. You can choose a variation of the English language or go for other languages. Select the appropriate language for you to operate your device. For avoiding complications, use the language you are fluent in.

Saving Wi-Fi Password

Selecting the language, the system will ask for the confirmation of saving the Wi-Fi password. If you save the Wi-Fi password to your firestick TV device, it will save you every time you turn it on. If you don't save the password, you have to input the password every time after turning the firestick TV on. So, it is wise to set the password on your device.

Download Firestick TV Remote App

If you don't have the remote, the best solution is to download the firestick TV program. With this program's help, you don't have to worry about not having the remote because the mobile works like the remote for the hardware itself. For downloading the app, you need to follow the following steps-

  1. Go to the app store or the commonly known as Google play store.
  2. Search for your desired amazon firestick TV remote app. Always careful before downloading to make sure you are downloading from AMAZON mobile LLC.
  3. Click on the download button, and it will start downloading.
  4. Wait for the process of downloading it into your phone. After complete downloading it to your phone, it will be start installation automatically.
  5. After the installation, launch the application and select your firestick TV.
  6. The app might show multiple devices after installing into your mobile phone right at the bottom of it. Don't get confused; carefully select your firestick television, and there will be no problem.

The phone and the television you are connecting to, they must relate to the same Wi-Fi network available. Otherwise, the app will not work. So, if the firestick TV isn't programming, then check first whether they are connecting to the same network or not.

The App Features

The app offers voice search, a keyboard for text input, quick access to the app and games, and playback controls. You can play games casually as you can play with the firestick TV remote. But there are limited playable games that are supported while you are using the remote app. It is confirmed by Amazon. To play games, there is an official game controller by Amazon available.

This is how you can use Amazon firestick TV by the app. It will save you additional 30 dollars buying a remote or in case you lost it. But the other features of the remote may not be available in the app, although the app offers you more additional functions that frequently firestick TV features.


The notion of a live TV streaming device without a remote controller is not true nowadays. We have shown you that without a remote controller, how can you operate your Amazon firestick TV. Your mobile device with an application is enough for operating your wall TV. You can initially use your Amazon firestick streaming TV even if you lost it or don't want to buy it.