Amazon prime can be used with someone else's firestick. It can be done by sharing your Amazon prime account. But there are risk factors because the person you are sharing your Amazon prime account with can do anything with your account. 

You can share your Amazon Prime video account with many others. You can share your Amazon prime account with an adult, with family members, eight teen members, and four pre-teen members. 
Can Amazon Prime Be Used On Someone Else's Firestick?
All the sharing can be done with a single Amazon prime account. It is the advantage of having an Amazon prime account with prime video. Let's check out the list of sharing your Amazon prime account.

1. You can share your Amazon Prime video account with an adult. You can let the adult-use your video subscription. For sharing your Amazon prime video account with the adult, the two of you have to share your payment details. Amazon will want payment information from both of you. It is not only the agreement of two adults for sharing the Amazon prime account. 

It is also the agreement of sharing credit card details. It discourages the people who want to share their account with unknown ones. That is why only the closely related people often share their Amazon prime account.

2. The Amazon prime account can be shared with household members. The feature is called the Amazon household. Only the household members can find your account settings. This amazing feature of Amazon allows the family members to use the Amazon prime video subscription streaming.

3. The teens and children are not out of Amazon prime video services. The option for adding teens and children are also available on Amazon prime account. From an account, Amazon prime video subscription will allow four-eight teen users and four children users. An account holder can rent them Amazon tv shows and movies. 

How To Share Your Prime Video Account

1. Adult: As mentioned above, you can share your Amazon prime video account with another person. It will be an adult with whom you Will share your account. You have to share your Amazon prime subscription details information with that person. 

Open the Amazon website on your browser, then select the account and list menu. It will be on the top of your desktop screen. After that, click on your account menu and then drop down the menu option.

2. On your account drop down menu page, click the Amazon Household option. You will find the shopping programs and rentals section.

3. Here, click on the option add adult.

4. Now, you have to select the person to the home you want to share your amazon prime video account with. You have to select a person that closely relates to you, Such as your partner or spouse. Because of the billing information issue, you have to select the person close to you. 

The billing information will contain the credit card information, so never try to add an unknown person. Enter the name of your adult partner and email address to send them an invitation to share your amazon prime video account. Then select the continue button to proceed. Your partner must accept the invitation to share with your amazon prime account.

5. You have to set your mind to share your Amazon wallet and your credit card with your amazon prime account partner. It is wiser that you share your account with someone who lives with you.

6. Choose the items you want to share with your accountability partner. Items like apps, games, eBooks, and audiobooks are available on an amazon prime account that you can share with your adult account partner. Your partner will be able to access your prime video account automatically to your selected items. Here you have the authority to share the content you like.

7. The final step of the process is to click on the send button. The invitation will be sent to your partner.

After receiving the invitation email, the person will have to log in with their Amazon account. Then they have to select the accept button to confirm the invitation. Your partner will be able to access your prime video using their amazon account. It will be looked like they have their prime video account.

How Too Share Prime Video Account With Teenagers

1. Open the Amazon website on your browser and go to the account and lists option.

2. On your account option that will appear, you have to go drop-down and select the amazon household option. Then you will find the shopping program and rentals section.

3. Click the option add a teen here.

4. Click the signup button and follow further instructions for setting up the teen account. You have to invite them via email or phone. You can set the order value and even monitor every order automatically by selecting the settings. Now the teen can purchase or watch content using their account.

How To Share Prime Video Account With Childs?

1. Open the Amazon website on your browser and select the accounts and lists option.

2. Go to your account, select the Amazon Household menu, and then find the Shopping programs and rentals option.

3. Now select the Add a Child option.

4. Create the profile of your child and select the save button to save it. Your child's profile will appear on Kindle eReaders, Fire tablets, and Android tablets.

How to Manage The Amazon Household

You can stop sharing prime video or removes the sharing privilege of someone by using the amazon household. Let's get to the process step by step to set up an Amazon household account.

1. Open the Amazon website on your browser and select the account and list option at the top of your screen. Now, click your account drop-down menu.

2. Click on the Amazon household button from your account menu.

3. Now, you can configure one or more household members for sharing your amazon prime household account. You can also control the additional members' uses, remove them, or change sharing and purchasing.

You can easily use your amazon prime on other firesticks if you follow our tips provided in this article. Even you can edit their user experiences too. Amazon limits the number of users, while many of you use the same account.