HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is very crucial when it comes to audio and visual transfer. Now audio and video today is not just limited to colourless media and even in coloured media this is the world of high definition, so HDMI has a lot of work for you. 

If you use visual media you might now how important HDMI cable is, and even if you don’t we can tell you that is a very important part of your daily media entertainment. 

However, just like any other electronic part HDMI cable also have enough specifications to brag about, leading to its slightly higher prices. When the price range for an HDMI cable exceeds the expectations of any user, then they try to move to some cheaper options. 

But are these cheaper cables a great alternative for expensive and known ones? Can these cables cause some sort of problems to the user? Well, the answer to this is quite subjective and we need to look deeper to get a bigger picture. 

Can A Cheap HDMI Cable Cause Problems?

 What are the HDMI cables and why are they important? 

If you consume any kind of video content you must how technical it is to process every image with sound audio quality. And if you are an avid TV watcher than your revolves around HDMI cable, whether you know it or not. The audio and video need to be transferred to reach you and this task is done by HDMI cable. 

Yes, it is important to transmit the audiovisual files from the data source to your device. So, next time you find a pin at the back of your TV that says and HDMI cable, respect it as it is taking care of your content and take care of it as buying a new one can be a real issue here. 


What is wrong with a cheap HDMI cable? 

To come straight to the point, nothing. It does not matter how much money to be spending on an HDMI cable as long as it is working fine. Now mark those last words again, as long as it is working fine. 

Cheap HDMI cables are sometimes flawed not due to the price but due to their quality. 

To understand it this way, does not matter how much your cable cost, but the general perception says that if your cable is cheap, chances of them being fake or duplicate increases. And our problem is with quality, not the price. In other words, if you buy an expensive HDMI cable and that one turns out to be flawed, then also your problem would remain the same. 


The analogy of cheap and flawed HDMI cable 

Your HDMI cable is supposed to serve the purpose of transmitting audio and video to your device and if it is doing that job properly that means it is fine right? Well, again this is a bit subjective. Sometimes faulty cables work fine during initial days but start showing their true nature in just a few days. So, this also needs to be considered while looking for an HDMI cable. 


Is cheap always bad? 

A general rule of marketing says, better the quality higher the price that says it all. So according to that perception, if your cable is cheaper, it must have low quality. But it is not true every time, so as mentioned earlier, there are times you could get bad HDMI cables even after high price. 

But, you see these are some expectations and in every case, exceptions are always there. Chances of you getting a wrong cable at a higher price is very slim, and that is the reason choosing a cheaper HDMI can be risky at times. This brings us to our conflict yet again. And we are again trapped in the dilemma of cheaper or better? It is better if we try to look at the quality instead of the price and doing so would lead us to our main question and that is –


Are faulty cables harmful to a device? 

Yes, faulty HDMI cables can cause trouble to your devices, but not altogether, but in parts and with time. Using such HDMI cables can damage your device in a really brutal way if you keep using it for long. So it is very much important to identify the fake cable in the begging. 

If your cable is flawed then it might not be able for you to look by its look, but it can surely give signs while using it. Do not ignore them, stick to these and recheck the HDMI cables once again. These signs could be anything such as faded audio, screen problems. 

If your screen does not work properly with that cable but us fine with other cables then your HDMI cable is at the fault here. Switch to a new one as soon as possible and do not create the same mistake again. 

As you do not want to lose your device over HDMI cable, as that would end up more costly than using an expensive and better HDMI cable. Always remember one rule, always invest don’t spend. If the product has a higher return on value than maybe the cost is not just in numbers but also in the use. 



Buying one HDMI cable should never be prioritized by price instead the quality must be the concern. Never try to force your device into the HDMI cable that has shown the signs of being faulty, instead try to be prompt with the solutions. 

Whenever you are trying to get one HDMI cable research and get feedback from everyone. Always try to get the ones that are certified and tried and tested. Do not fall in the bait that the seller may try to throw at you as that could be the reason for your wrong decision.