If you are considering buying an Amazon Fire TV Stick and want to make sure it’s right for you, or if you already have an Amazon Fire TV stick, and want to add another one to your house but you’re not quite sure how and what you can do with it after, then you came to the right place.

How Many Amazon Firesticks Can I Use At The Same Time?

What is an Amazon Fire TV Stick and what can you do with it?

In 2014, Amazon unveiled the 1st Generation of Amazon Fire TV. It was a plug-in box that could provide entertainment by streaming shows and apps directly to your TV.

Later that same year, Amazon also released the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Unlike the Fire TV, which is a set box, the Fire TV Stick is a compact plug-in stick.

Besides being smaller in size, the TV Stick, which has been dubbed the “Firestick”, has pretty much the same functionality as its big brother. As well as being able to stream TV shows and channels, it can also be remotely powered and some versions even have added voice capabilities. However, it is slightly less powerful than the Amazon TV Box.

Is there a limit on how many fire sticks can be used at the same time?

There's no physical limit to the amount of devices you can have, but there is a limit on how many Fire Sticks on the same account can have an access to the Prime Video at the same time. Amazon Video Usage Rules explains the limitations in these categories:

  • Purchased Videos and Prime Free To Watch Videos. You have an ability to stream up to three videos at the same time while usingthe same Amazon account, but you may stream the same video to no more than two devices at the same time. 
  • Rented Videos. Same rules here - three videos at the same time with the same Amazon account. But the amount of devices you may stream the same video to is reduced to just one device at a time.

A comparison of different Amazon Fire TV devices

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a slightly watered down version of the original Amazon TV Box, although it is still perfectly capable. It is basically a media player that allows you to connect a TV to the internet.

There is also the Amazon Fire Stick Basic Edition, which costs around $50, and is an even cheaper modification of the plug and play device for streaming Netflix or something on Amazon Prime. Being an entry model it comes without a search function or voice control, making it really difficult to find a specific app or game.

How can you use the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

There are many functions within the Amazon Fire TV Stick like watching Netflix, or some other internet streaming service, performing a voice search from a TV, connecting to video games or YouTube from your TV, to share photos to a TV screen and play games, despite Amazon pointing out that it does not intend the Fire TV to be a competitor to the gaming consoles.

Before you start setting up your Amazon Fire TV Stick check if you have everything you need for it to work pro[erly, including a compatible TV, which is any HD or UHD TV that has an HDMI port, a wireless internet connection and an Amazon account. 

The Amazon Prime membership is not necessary to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you just have to have a regular Amazon account. You can create it on setup in case if you don’t have one already. Although prepare 2 AAA batteries for your TV Stick remote.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to get things set up:

1. Plug in the power adaptor to your Fire TV Stick and ensure that your TV Stick is turned “on”.

2. Attach the Fire TV Stick to your TV’s HDMI port.

3. Select your input device. Choose the same input port that the TV Stick is plugged into (i.e. HDMI1, HDMI2, etc.). You will then see a loading screen showing the "Fire TV Stick" logo.

4. Add a remote

After you put the batteries into your remote, it should automatically pair itself with your stick. If it didn't happen, then press and hold the Home Button for up to 10 sections. It will send the remote to "discovery mode" and complete the pairing process.

You’ll see a set of the on-screen instructions. Just follow them to register your Fire TV Stick to your Amazon account. That’s it, now your Fire TV Stick is set up and ready to be used. Once you’re all set up, here is the list of some of the many different things you can do with your Fire TV Stick.

1. To watch Netflix through your TV Stick, you’ll first have to download it. To do so head to the main screen and select “Search”, then type in Netflix and download the app when you see it. Open the Netflix and sign-in, or sign-up, and now you’re ready to start watching your favorite shows.

2. You can ask Alexa some stuff. The Fire TV Stick comes equipped with Alexa, basically an Amazon’s version of Siri, which allows you to do many things  on your screen using the voice alone. This includes anything from choosing a movie or show on a streaming service, ordering some food or just asking what the weather’s like today.

3. You can also listen to music. There are several ways to listen to music using a Fire Stick device. An Amazon Prime member can listen to a wide variety of included songs, or sign up to some music subscription. You can also use Amazon's “Music app” to listen to the songs that you’ve manually imported to the library or purchased from the music store. You can also download the Spotify app for free, if you have an account, from the Amazon App Store.