Online marketing or e-commerce has been expanded its horizon in the past few years. And for some obvious reasons, it has been beneficial to both buyers and sellers. And we if we are talking about e-commerce we all know who is the ace players in the field its Amazon. 

Amazon never fails to impress its users with variety and options in its product, this results in a huge buyer’s network of the company. Now a company with such a great user base surely would attract the attention of a lot of sellers, and we won’t be surprised if you are one of them as well. And Amazon understands this thing pretty well and that is why we came with their seller base. 

With Amazon seller account you can sell your products on the site. And it looks like a great idea as well as there is already a market base set up, so you do not have to create everything from scratch. But when it comes to competition and a loyal customer base, you have to fight your battle there.

How To Keep Your Amazon Seller Account From Suspension?

But, you see after so much basic information regarding, we can conclude that Amazon is an e-commerce giant, and they have their reputation to hold. So they have their own set of rules for you as a seller and breaking them would eventually lead to your account suspension and in worst cases may be a ban as well. “But I am selling genuine products so there is way my account would get suspended”, if these are your thoughts then we have a piece of news for you. 

Amazon has its guidelines and policies and you never know that knowingly or unknowingly you might even breach them. Sounds like something that cannot be controlled, well that is a half-truth, and yes it cannot be controlled but can be sure minimized. And how can we do it? We will help you with it. We are here with few things you must keep in mind while having a sellers account and to avoid it from suspension.

Why will my account get suspension? 

If we go by past few years record then Amazon has only gone stricter with its policies, and this is the reason there has been a rise in a number of an account getting suspended. But this suspension does target any particular seller, it is even for all. That brings your account also on the radar. Usually, there are warnings before your account gets suspended, checking them does not help every time. 

Even after responding to them, your account may still have suspension. So there is no saying that there could not be an unnecessary suspension. In these situations, it is better to keep your guard up every time and avoid such cases at any cost. So here are few ways to can keep your sellers account away from suspension.

How to keep your Amazon Seller’s Account away from suspension? 

Keep track of every guidelines and policy of Amazon

One great thing about this is you need to take out the rule book, again and again, every time the policy gets updated. The guidelines from Amazon is not stagnant and keep changing every time. And each time that happens you will be notified via registered mail. Keep track of those and read them carefully. Your product must abide by them else your account will probably get suspended. 

Monitor what you sell 

Now as you know what are the guidelines and policies, stick to them, and do not bring any product on the list that goes against them. Double-check everything before listing them on the seller's list. Beware of the product safety guidelines as well as that is the area where the team is very much conscious about. 

Although there are chances that you’re best selling product might also be on the list of risky items that might bring you to a dilemma, do not forget your motto of keeping your account safe, and always bear that in mind. 

Do not forget the paperwork

This process comes in early while you are in the process of making your account. Paperwork and registration work might seem a bit boring, which we won’t lie it is but is also very much crucial. We cannot stress enough the importance of proper documents. One error can ruin your entire effort and being a seller nothing can be more disappointing than losing your account over silly paperwork. So do not rush, keep calm and arrange every document properly and then attach them. 

Do not ignore the warnings 

Yes, we remember that even after considering warning your account still may get suspended, so does that mean you will ignore any product related warning what so ever? Well, we know you won’t because together we are here trying to save our account form suspension, so we need to track every action. Make sure which product is having a safety and quality issue, be prompt to react to such warnings. 


Online shopping is considered a great option even though you cannot touch the product, and this all because of product reviews. Reviews are public and are accessible to all, and sometimes few sellers try to manipulate that feature and their marketing plan. 

They create fake and paid reviews, don’t be that seller, and keep your morale high. Keeping honest reviews can build your trust in the company. And if they start seeing you can someone honest and genuine seller, chances if some mindless suspension would go down. 


So now we see selling is indeed a difficult task, even if you are selling at such a huge buying place. But if your account still gets suspended you can bring it back, there are a few steps to follow and they are simple as well, all it counts is your patience as a human and dedication as a seller.