Amazon is probably the most competitive and lucrative market now and many businesses will try anything to boost their sales there. Even though Amazon strictly forbids Sellers from creating multiple accounts as part of its terms and conditions, that hasn't stopped a lot of companies that are now producing step-by-step guides to getting around those rules. It is strongly recommended that Amazon Sellers do not proceed with those guides. The sheer level of detail in the ways to get around Amazon’s terms and conditions is becoming more and more advanced.

There could be up to 20 stages of creating different alias addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers and telephone numbers. They will guide you through how to change your IP address, run the cleaning software, and even set up new bank accounts.

How Does Amazon Know If You Have Multiple Seller Accounts?

But there are many good reasons for Amazon to try to prevent this practise, as it can ruin both Sellers and Customers’ experiences. Amazon accounts with artificially inflated ratings and sales are often providing experiences that fall well below of what their profiles suggest. The issue has reached such popularity that prompted some companies in China to offer training courses to master the art of managing multiple Amazon accounts.

It is a practise loaded with danger, as Amazon has a multitude of ways to trace the accounts, from tracking your IP address to browsers and browser plug-ins, through computer operating systems and cookies. They keep track of all sorts of things, like under names, email addresses and passwords, and any wrong step can trigger their complicated systems. And when that happens, all of your Amazon accounts suddenly are at risk of being suspended or even closed.

Amazon mainly tracks sellers using the following sources:

User's IP address

 Amazon user login name

Email address

Amazon login password

Browser and browser plugin

Computer operating system

Cookies that your computer stores, including text and Flash cookies

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How prevent your second account from being detected by Amazon?

In order to avoid your second account being associated with the previous one, the following issues should be taken care of when creating a new account:

Your new user and store names cannot be too similar to the previous account, because it may trigger the Amazon seller review process. There was an example of being immediately closed due to the same user name in the US.

You can actually use a fake registered address, because Amazon does not send anything to their seller's registered addresses. But if the address in the new account is too similar to the previous one, it may trigger the Amazon seller review process.

Register your accounts on different emails. Sellers generally use popular free email services like Gmail or Hotmail. Amazon uses a variety of ways to track your email messages, such as photo probes. When you open the image that includes the link to Amazon, the relevant information of your router will be visible.

The best way to not fall for this trap is to use a low-profile free email service provider. If it is not convenient for you, try using the email forwarding option. There are tons of them online, you will have thousands of choices after a simple search.

Create a registered mobile phone number. You can simply use your friend's or family member's phone when signing up for the second account. This is an acceptable way, because Amazon won't call their sellers. The important thing is to make sure your registered phone number has never been used before on Amazon, or it will close your account directly.

Creating an Alias Credit Card Information. It is one of the most important elements of your new account. After your credit card has been used by any Amazon account, it can't be used there again. It is very important to carefully choose your alias credit card because Amazon strictly observes the credit card's seller account.

Amazon Sellers Can Legitimately Apply for a Second Account

Amazon Sellers actually have an option to apply for a second account. They can do so if the site decides they have a “legitimate business need” for one. There are the “Contact Us” and “Selling on Amazon” sections of the website through which you can apply.


Amazon explains that you must have an individual bank account for each Seller Central account. So they are not going to  approve multiple Seller Central accounts if they use the same bank account within the same region. In the case you sell across regions, you can use the same bank account for both your Seller Central accounts. Your accounts should still be linked though Amazon Global Selling. Also each account must have a separate email address and the products or services sold in each account must be different. To be able to operate in such a way your Performance Metrics must be in good standing. Amazon usually responds to requests for a second account within three business days.

How Can You Open a Second Amazon Seller Account

If Amazon decides to give you permission for a second account they will require of you to have a separate bank account, separate email, and separate credit card. They will not require you to have a separate business or personal entity.

To Open a Second Amazon Seller Account open a case with Amazon, then click “Selling on Amazon”, then select “Your account”, and then click “Other account issues”.

It has been found that there is one keyword that Amazon is extra sensitive about. Having it in your letter will greatly increase your chances of getting approval for a second account. Sales Tax. 

Even if you never open up your second business, Amazon will not ask you to see permission for the second account.

In case you get rejected, it is recommended to try every month or so until you finally get permission, as granting you a permission seems to be a subjective decision made by that particular customer service staff member. You will likely get some questions from Amazon from time to time inquiring why you have several accounts, but you can simply point them to this case ID.