Amazon has provided the basic account membership services which are used to view and buy the products free of charge and an added subscription fast and same-day deliveries. Keeping the paid memberships from the amazon on the Other Side you can find almost everything on the Amazon seedling area from all around the world with the shipping facility from anywhere to everywhere.

Through the free availability of Amazon buyer accounts, people are tending to have more than one account even if it’s unnecessary, the biggest reason behind this is to book premium and newly released products in a fast way and bulk amounts. 

For example, if a popular mobile manufacturer has been released a new mobile with outstanding features and made it available only one item per user account, then the black markets will use different buyer accounts all managed by the same person and use them to buy the product in more numbers to sell them for a larger price than it’s made available from the manufacturer.

Can I Have 2 Amazon Buyer Accounts With 2 Different Emails?
Although it’s not considered as a crime and the Amazon does not bag any losses by such activities, the customers are feeling disappointed as the products are running out of stock within the minutes of the sale starts and they have to buy the Same product from the retailers for a bigger price. This is all because there are no certain restrictions about the number of buyer accounts a person can maintain.

Extra amazon account

Even if the Amazon won’t allow the same email to have another account, the over smart people are outsmarting the software by creating an extra amazon account with fake details and temporary emails. The internet is a big ocean and you can find pretty much anything over there if you are looking for it at the right place and the fake or temporary emails are one of the vast available resources on the internet. 

People use these false credentials to make the amazon executives believe that there IA another real person on the other side, this explains why a 100,000 population density city contains 120,000 social media accounts on the same platform.

The answer to the question of you having two amazon buyer accounts with two different emails is an absolute yes because amazon can provide a different account for every single email and a person can have two different emails. 

For example, you can create an email in Gmail and also another one with the same details in yahoo!!. If you are having two different emails you can create two different amazon buyer accounts at your ease and can use the services provided by the account as per your comfort.

Having two different amazon buyer accounts can help you in so many ways like ordering early access products quickly and also to use another account as a viewing account or as a dummy one. The question is do you need another account for your single-use, you can still use your family members accounts to order any new items in more numbers. But having more than one account with the same details is considered fraud and there can be some legal actions taken against it if needed.

If you still have an urge to use more than a single account for different purposes, amazon has made the buyer account login credentials to use as the login information for the prime account too, a single account can be doubled as a buyer account and as an entertainment source at the same time.

Before you continue creating an extra buyer account using fake information or temporary sources of emails, you have to think about the human ethics for a moment and be a judge for your actions at the time of creating another account. 

Having different accounts without a destined purpose will lead to misinformation about the reviews and the product surveys that are made to justify the quality and uniqueness of the product, this will cause the users to select over a different range of products which might be of no use for their requirements.

It’s better not to maintain more than one amazon buyer account for a single person, even if you need to create a second account while the first account exists due to the theft or losing your device that has the login information that you have forgotten over the time, amazon will assist you in accessing your account with the help of the customer care executives who are the to help with the account related issues on any time given in a day.

So, there’s no need to have two different amazon buyer accounts even there is a possibility to maintain an extra one unless you are having a split personality disorder by which you act as two different persons and you end up having two amazon buyer accounts for each personality. 

The thing is amazon can handle any number of orders from a single buyer accounts and you don’t need to lend a hand in helping amazon by having two different accounts, they would be very thankful if you don’t have another account for yourself.


There are so many services from amazon and all are accessible by a single account membership, but other than the buyer account every kind of membership needs a valid subscription to access the service. 

You also do not need to have a different account for amazon buyer account and another one for a Prime account, you can utilize every service from a single account and even though after unsubscribing from the paid memberships you can still use your amazon buyer account as you do normally before. 

Operating on a single amazon buyer account will make it easier for Amazon to recommend different and innovative products based on your previous purchases and preferences.