You don’t have to unplug and replug your fire stick because it is bad for the TV. The first thing you should check is the Wi-Fi connection. You can check the connection settings easily from your TV remote. You don’t need to shut off your TV to re-establishing your TV set. Several things might happen which you have to check.

Do I Need To Unplug And Replug My Firestick?

IP Conflict

This is the factor that is quite complicated. The DHCP reservations should be cleared by you for the device you are connecting to for a long time. If your IP address is blocked from DHCP, then you have to assign the hard IP of your to DHCP. You don’t have to go outside of your home for doing this. You have to configure the router for local network settings to do the reservations. 

For Hard IP you have to make sure of doing it on the device itself. Make sure the IP is not used by the DHCP server of the router. The IP you input will match the first three numbers but the last three must be unique for the DHCP server. Otherwise, it will not be assignable to your router.

What is DHCP and How Do This Works?

The DHCP server is a server that stores the assigned IP numbers which are connected to it. The DHCP is in the router and it connects to each device with a record that holds the last logged in IP address of the device. When the DHCP gets connected to any open IP from a block of many IPs then the server defines the IP numbers to the server as the definition of the device. It recognizes the router by the IP number.

IF your TV disconnects for any reason or goes to sleep condition then several things happened. First, the DHCP server makes whatever IP it had available near it. Then the server makes assign the IP as another device that connects to it. The TV doesn’t know any of the processes and tries to connect with the same IP that it has assigned last time. Then the router doesn’t recognize the TV’s IP and says sorry to the TV. That is why every device should have its IP address and which should be unique as well.

Why Do These Conflicts Happen?

The IP address conflicts happen because of the very common reason. If you have many smartphones in your house then this type of problem happens often. Smartphones are constantly taking the Wi-Fi connection as the devices have mobility. The network area changing often is the reason for the complicated IP address situation.

The Solution to IP Confliction

You have already had an idea why the IP conflicts happen. Now you have to solve the problems of the IP problems. All the routers don’t support the DHCP reservations. DHCP server allows recording the IP address of your device automatically. All need to go to the settings of the Wi-Fi and assign the IP address to the router of your device. It will solve the problem of restarting your device for the problem of a Wi-Fi connection. 

The smartphones will not create a problem because the MAC address of your TV will be added to your device. It will connect your device to the Wi-Fi connection whenever it connects to the internet. Your router will recognize your device whenever it will be turned on so you do not have to take the trouble of plugging it in and out for connection.

Besides the unplugging and replug, some troubleshooting can be applied. Here we will provide some of the troubleshooting tips for your FireStick.

Uninstall The Apps You Don’t Use

This is one of the common reasons for the many to cause trouble to your Amazon FireStick TV. Sometimes you cannot fix the problems after taking necessary steps like the first stage, unplug and replug the fire stick TV. But, this is not good for your TV. So, Finding out problems for your fire stick, you often miss the point of having too many apps installed on your amazon fire stick TV. 

Often this too many apps lead you to the unwanted consumption of your bandwidth which affects the streaming or even serious lagging of your device. So, it is wise to uninstall the unused apps to avoid troubles with the fire TV.

Fix the Black Screen Issue of the Fire Stick TV

  • First, disconnect the Fire TV from the HDMI port and then plug it in again.
  • Replace the cables of your HDMI. Connect the new settings with it.
  • Check all the cord remain connected to the power supply source and the device.
  • Make sure the input matches your TV by clicking the remote input button.
  • Match them with the numbers of HDMI port of the Fire TV which is the backside of your TV.
  • Check if the audio equipment is connected to the TV.

Can There Be Any Exceptions?

All the troubleshooting suggestions are relating the issue of when you have the Fire Stick TV connected to a Wi-Fi connection. But there is an exception which I think is a great solution to all the problems having with the Amazon Fire Stick TV. 

What I prefer is to get the Fire Stick TV connected to the internet through the hardwired connection. By doing this you complete the first step of limiting the number of Wi-Fi using clients of your network. As we have previously mentioned that the concurrent users of the Wi-Fi connection often cause the problem. The radio interference of your Wi-Fi while watching content will no longer an issue for you. 

Final Words

A well-managed IP procedure via the IP reservation is very much important for having an uninterrupted streaming service experience. It is also good for the security of the device. Use the DHCP reservations for assigning the device to your router or use cables. The preference is yours how you like to jump into the world of buffering free streaming.