Amazon can suspend a seller’s account if the quality of product service does not meet up with the guidelines provided by the website or if the account holder is unable to abide by the rules and policies set forth by amazon. 

We will be describing here certain terms that one holding a seller account on amazon must be clear about and how a suspension of one’s account can lead to disability of one to carry out any action on their account. 

How long does the account remain suspended and how soon can one appeal for the reactivation of account on a solid ground basis. The topic will also cover how long will amazon team take time to address appeal and how long can amazon withhold one’s funds?

How Long Does Amazon Suspend Your Account?

Suspended or banned?

A suspension is different from banning. One may get suspended for one reason or another but if they have a good justification to put forth to amazon team they have a high chance to appeal and get back to work as early as possible.


A suspension provides one with a chance to make appeal as to why their account would suspend. For this one has to work on a plan of action immediately to allow them a chance to acceptability. If the plan of action does not justify or clear the misconception, it can often lead to permanent deactivation of the account. 

Amazon does not give away the process of how they work to review an appeal and how it is processed. Furthermore, they may limit the number of replies and provide final words much quicker to decide if the account will be reinstated.


Being banned from the amazon can be much worse than suspension or denial of appeal which can be rejected and lead to deactivation of the account permanently for some time. However, denial of appeal does not take away opportunity of the seller account holder to make a revised plan of action appeal to the amazon team. 

Banning simply suggest you are out of the system and the appeal will not be catered anymore. If someone fails more than once to justify their appeal for the plan of actions they are removed from the list for reinstatement of the account and amazon stop reading and catering any emails that are forwarded by the seller account holder.

Opening a new account

A seller account holder may assume that if one account is suspended they do hold the opportunity to open up another account which is again against the rules of amazon and can cause significant harm for the seller account holder as they lose money and their reputation that can affect their business to an extent that can cause frustration for the seller account user often leading to serious helplessness for the user for being incapable of talking the issue out to the customer service support team to resolve the matter somehow. 

How long can an amazon account stay suspended?

An amazon account can stay suspended for weeks to months before the appeal can be justified and accepted by the amazon team to allow the reinstatement of the seller account.

An amazon seller account can stay suspended for an indefinite period of time. But if the appeal is forwarded for the plan of action timely and correctly, amazon can accept the appeal while adhering to their business codes and rights to protect the third party sellers to finally respond within 10 business days. 

The idea is to carry out careful and accurate appeal which if failed leads to permanent and lifetime suspension. The plan of action has to be sent within the 60 days of suspension of the account. If no appeal or plan of action is forwarded this also leads to permanent suspension of the seller account.

As for permanent banning is concerned, amazon only bans a seller if a restraining order is placed by a legal ruling or a federal judge to an amazon seller account. Therefore, the suspended accounts no matter how long they have been suspended can be reestablished if the appeal is correct and coincides with the resolution of account seller to justify and give possible clarification that had led to the suspension of the account.

How long can it take from the submission of appeal to account reactivation?

It can take considerable time before the appeal is answered. Some of the seller accounts are suspended for weeks before they are finally able to receive a reply. Sometimes the appeals are reviewed but require further explanation which slows down the whole process of reinstatement. 

The gap of communication may exist that slows down the request of appeal and can be attributed to the seller performance, account health services and the managers in charge to give the appeals requested to experienced investigators that are able to appreciate the explanation forwarded and to be responded accordingly. The suspensions are considered to be assessed based on the performance of seller and their own merit which are addressed by the policy teams. 

Additionally, managers in charge request their investigators to review the data and plan of action to evaluate history of the account for its strength and reliability which forms one of the essential criteria for approving or rejecting an appeal. 

Though this may help allow the acceptance of appeal for some but requires improvement for the process to reduce the communication gap between the seller performance and account health services.

How long are funds withheld for suspended accounts?

It can take weeks to months before the appeal is assessed and answered for. The suspension of a seller account also leads to suspension of the funds which cannot be withdrawn. For this the suspended sellers have to manage an additional payment appeal along with the appeal for their account. 

7 days are provided for relevant information and can take more than 90 days before the payment appeal is approved and the funds are released. Therefore, a seller who has a suspended account should rather strive to have their account reestablished even if they do not plan to continue their sale on amazon but the reestablishment becomes necessary as this can help one to withdraw their funds without having to grieve for a wait up time of 90 days before their funds are released.